Society Grants

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Society and Student Group Grants

Please complete the form below to apply for a grant.

Before you start, carefully consider the application guidelines:

Make sure that you attach a fully researched budget detailing all associated costs, using a budget template found in the committee leadership resources.

Once submitted, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The application will be reviewed by the Societies Council, with advice from the Societies Coordinator.
  2. If the application passes this stage you will be asked to come and discuss your proposal with a panel of the DVP Societies and the Societies Officer responsible for your group.
  3. The panel will decide if any grant is to be allocated and this decision will be approved by the Societies Council.


**Applications for Term 1 funding are now open. The deadline for this term is 19th October 2018.**

If your application is shortlisted you will recieve an email inviting you to sign-up to a discussion, which you will need to do by a specified deadline.

If you require any advice putting together your application or have any other questions, please email or come to one of our drop-ins.

Application Form

Your Group Name

How much are you applying for?

Describe your project/event/activity. Please be as detailed as possible.

How will this project/activity/event benefit or impact upon your members?

How will this project/activity/event benefit or impact upon the wider student body?

How will this project/activity/event benefit or improve links with the Exeter city community?

How does this project/activity/event tie in with the aims and objectives of your group? How will it develop what you have done before?

In what ways does this project/event/activity raise the profile of your group, the University or the Students’ Guild locally, nationally or internationally?

In what ways will this project/event/activity increase diverse participation on campus?

Attach Budget

A budget is required for your application to be considered. Please use the appropriate Guild budget template.

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