Guild Awards 2020

The Students’ Guild Awards recognise and reward the inspiring and exceptional achievements of student groups, individuals and actions here at Exeter. By looking at the impact they make locally, nationally and internationally, the awards aim to highlight the incredible enthusiasm and commitment that can be seen across the Students’ Guild, from volunteering and representation, to welfare and our local community.

We can’t wait to recognise the achievements of our incredible students, and we hope you’ll join us by nominating someone and joining us for the celebration on 19 June – we’ll be releasing more information about the Guild Awards ceremony soon.

You can nominate for any of the following award categories:

Subject Rep/PGR Rep of the Year  

The Subject Rep or PGR Rep who has listened to your feedback, represented your views and worked to make changes which have improved your experience of your course. 

Students you might nominate: Any elected Subject Rep or PGR Rep. 

Subject Council of the Year 

The Subject Council which has worked effectively to listen to your voice and make changes to your subject which have really benefited you and your peers. 

Students you might nominate: Any Subject Council. 

Part-time Officer of the Year

The Part-Time Officer who has worked within their elected role to make changes which have benefited students and enhanced the overall student experience.  

Students you might nominate: Any Part-Time Elected Officer, including Guild Chair, College Officers, DVPs, Shadow Councillors, Democracy and Governance Councillors and Societies Officers. 

Outstanding Contribution to Academic Experience  

The person, group or event which has gone above and beyond in enhancing your academic experience at Exeter, perhaps through improving an aspect of your studies or offering an opportunity beyond what you expected from your degree.  

You might nominate: Any student, group of students or event which has had a significant impact on your academic experience.  

Best new society/group 

A society which has started strong, run some great events, created a fantastic community and made you wonder why they never existed before!  

Societies you might nominate: Any society which has been affiliated since Term 3 2018/19 onwards.   

Best Society/group event or project 

The society event or project which really stands out to you as the most enjoyable, ambitious, unusual or exciting.  

Events or projects you might nominate: Any affiliated society event or project which has been run in the 2019-20 academic year. This could be a one-off event or an ongoing project or series of events.     

Society/Group of the Year 

The society which you feel has been the best all-round society this year. A society you’ve really loved being part of and which you feel has run some standout events, created a welcoming community and truly benefited all of their members and the wider community in some way. 

Societies you might nominate: Any affiliated society. 

Outstanding Contribution to Societies and Volunteering  

The person, group, event or project which has gone above and beyond in their contribution to societies and volunteering, perhaps which has inspired you or which has had truly positive impact on their membership, the student community and/or the wider community.  

You might nominate: Any student, group of students, event or project which has had a significant impact on societies and volunteering at Exeter and even beyond.  

Outstanding Contribution to Postgraduate Experience 

The person, group, event or project which has gone above and beyond in enhancing the experience of Postgraduate students at Exeter, perhaps which has helped you to get involved.   

You might nominate: Any student, group of students, event or project which has directly benefited the PGR and/or PGT community  

President’s Award for Volunteer of the Year  

The person who has gone above and beyond, showing their dedication and commitment to improving the student experience through any aspect of volunteering.   

Students you might nominate: Any student who has volunteered in any way during the 2019-20 academic year, whether involved in academic representation, societies, a part-time officer role, or all of the above.  


University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 07217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ