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Exeter University Capoeira Society

Recommended Activity: Watch some capoeira themed films!

Lots of modern action movies use capoeira in some form in their fighting choreography - see how much you can spot in 'John Wick' for example.

For some capoeira CHEEZE you can also try 'Only the Strong'.

For something a little more beautiful, and to get to know a bit about capoeira folklore, try 'Besouro'.

Or stick to your old favourite; 10 points to Gryffindor if you can find the capoeira choreography in Harry Potter!!!

Jewish Society

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Recommended activity: Bagel making!

This traditional Ashkenazi bread, originating in 17th century eastern Europe, is now a staple of many breakfasts and lunches across the world. Bagels - also spelt beigals - are so easy to make and are great for breakfast for that week!

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society

Recommended Activity: Reading international news

EXHKPASS is a society that aims to promote awareness for public awareness of Hong Kong and the world and to contribute back to the community through social service and external activities.

During the Covid-19, we should stay at home to stay safe. Reading news at home regarding political and public affairs is a source of inspiration that allows you to stay connected to the society and the global. BBC News could be one of your choices!

Exeter Quay 

Postgraduate Society

Recommended Activity: Visit The Quay

Group of students socializinHead on down to The Quay and enjoy the scenery, cafes, restaurants, pubs and walks. You can also see what it has to offer - bicycle hire, canoes, German Oompah nights... Send us pictures of you there, either solo, or in a group!


Recommended Activity: Watch 'Medea' on Drama Online

Last year in March, EUTCo produced a production of 'Medea'; set in Ancient Greece but with an updated love story, in our production Medea was abandoned by her wife Jason and sought revenge. To get a taste of theatre, and our shows last year, head to Drama Online! Log in via Shibboleth using your university log in details. Search for the National Theatre recording of 'Medea' recorded in 2014: "Helen McCrory takes the title role in Euripides’ powerful tragedy, in a new version by Ben Power, directed by Carrie Cracknell, with music written by Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp".

If you are interested in behind the scenes stuff (or considering joining a production team later on in term) check out the second video which will take you through how Medea's dress was mudded up and bloodied...

We hope you enjoy! Love EUTCo

Acting Society

Recommended Activity: Free Writing

We are a new society and as we develop we will be introducing more exercises into our workshops. However, if we can't meet you in person yet or you are staying within your bubble, how about trying some free writing? Simply give yourself 10-15 minutes with just you, a notepad and a pen and write continuously about whatever comes to your mind! If you end up writing the same word five times, it doesn't matter or if it helps you discover something about how you're feeling then thats great. Perhaps it will just be a breath away from your anxieties! Whatever the result, this can be a really cathartic and creative outlet for whatever is on your mind during these strange times! So let go and fill a page with your thoughts, however random!

Azerbaijani Society

Recommended Activity: Rediscover the city of Exeter

The city of Exeter combines modern day urban lifestyle with the historical buildings dating back to the Romans, thus it promises wonderful nature to newcomers and always has something mysterious for the current residents and students. As a fresher who spent a year with the graduates, I recommend having a trip around the city center, proceeding to hillsides, tasting drinks and foods offered by local cuisine.

Geography Society

Recommended Activity: Take a photo with the Exeter University sign

This is not to be missed! We recommend taking a photo with your friends too!

Slow Food on Campus

Recommended activity: Trip to Darts Farm in Topsham
This was one of our favourite events last year as it was great to escape Exeter and explore the picturesque town of Topsham! Located only a 20 minute train journey from Exeter, Topsham has lots of great cafes (perfect for a classic Devon cream tea!) and is the home of Darts Farm, which sells locally sourced food. Darts Farm is a 20 minute walk from the station, and offers visitors the chance to view their animals, walk around their vegetable fields and visit their restaurant.

People in a shop 

Boats in the water

Exeter University Muay Thai

Recommended Activity: Home workout Special

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