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Past and Present University of Exeter Students Favourite Places and What They Couldn't Live Without

We’re stuck into term 1 and deadlines are looming. The state of your bedroom has deteriorated into something that vaguely resembles the chaos of your room when you were 7 (minus some of the High School Musical posters, plus 5 empty mugs and a tangle of chargers), and safe to say the stress of university life (however virtual it may be) is hitting. But you’ve still got time to read a blog post or two… Read on for tips from past and present Exeter students to find out what they couldn’t live without at uni, as well as their favourite places to go for a much-needed escape from course pressures. They’ve got all the answers you need - from what your uni bedroom’s missing to where to go for the hot choc of dreams… Perfect for when you’re in dire need of celebrating surviving another day of video calls.

Natalie, Geography, 3rd year:

Favourite Place: “I think for me it was the walk around campus that I did in first year. Even in second year the beautiful walk around campus was so good during lunch breaks or before lectures if I didn’t have a heavy bag!”

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One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “Hobbies you think you won’t have time for. Whether that be baking equipment, knitting needles or your best paints! I didn’t bring any of my crafts in first year and found myself missing them at multiple points during my free time, but in second year I brought my knitting needles and I really enjoyed having the option to do something relaxing and solely for me in my free time!”


Alice, French with Spanish, 2014 – 2018:

Favourite Place: “Sidwell’s Fish and Chips ;)”

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “Ear plugs are definitely a must!”


Megan, Psychology with Sport and Exercise Science, 2017 – 2020:

Favourite place: “My fave place in Exeter to go was sitting outside the Cathedral, due to its peacefulness, I liked to sit there and watch the world go by - it helped me to de-stress.

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “Something which makes your room your own – I would say fairylights or posters as they help to create a homely feel in your student accommodation.”


Eirinn, English, 3rd year:

Favourite place: “My fave place to go is quite hard because there a quite a few! But I’d have to say Glorious Art House café for dreamy hot chocolates and quirky décor!

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “One item I couldn’t live without was definitely my hot water bottle… an essential item for added cosiness when studying at home!!”


Olivia, Law, 3rd year:


Favourite place: “Going to one of the cafes at the Quay is such a nice thing to do.”


One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “I highly recommend bringing a doorstop to uni, so useful!”


Tilly, Sociology and Anthropology, 3rd year:

Favourite place: “Campus is the prettiest place all year but especially in spring and summer! My favourite place on campus is the walk up from Duryard through Reed Hall and the outdoor swimming pool which is so cool to have so close by.

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “Everyone needs to bring slippers to uni because the floor in halls is generally a bit gross (and second year houses can be pretty chilly) – so also remember a dressing gown!”


Serena, Geography, 2nd year:

Favourite place: “Exeter is SUCH a fab place so I really recommend Freshers explore as much as possible. Favourite places have to be Tea on the Green for coffee with friends and the Plant café which is the perfect place for girly catch ups!”

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “I couldn’t live without my photos at uni so I’d really recommend having lots to decorate your room! A kettle, mugs and biscuits, as well as a couple of gin glasses are also hugely important!”


Eloise, BA Maths, 3rd year:

Favourite place: “I love the quay – it’s a great place to go for a walk or to grab a coffee with friends.”

One thing you couldn’t live without at uni: “I would recommend command strips for decorations which don’t mark the walls!”







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