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Guild Council

Guild Council

Thu 09 September 2021 09:00-10:30
Online meeting

Guild Council is the Guild's representative body - it's members are the Full-Time Officers and College Officers. All students are welcome to attend. To find out more about Guild Council, and to submit an agenda item, please go to the website

This meeting will be held online on Zoom: link, Meeting ID: 959 4828 6546, Password: 347562. You will need to log into you University Zoom account. 


In the absence of a Guild Chair, this meeting of Guild Council will be chaired by the Guild President. 

Agenda Item & Context Lead
1. Welcome. Guild President 
2. Apologies.  Guild President & Student Governance Coordinator
3. Notifications of any other business.  Guild President

4. FOR INFORMATION: Introduction to Guild Council.

Student Governance Coordinator 

5. FOR DECISION: Approval of Student Trustees.

As per the new Articles, the Trustee Board's Appointments Committee has recruited students to be the Guild Student Trustees for the year ahead. 

Questions in advance can be directed to the Guild President.

Paper: GUILD COUNCIL - 2021.09.09 - PAPER - Student Trustees.

Guild President

6. FOR DECISION: Approval of Interim Byelaws for the year 2021/22.

As part of the review of the Guild's governance and democracy, it is proposed the current byelaws (and associated policy) be repealed and replaced with the proposed byelaws. 

If possible, questions related to the detail of the proposed byelaws be directed to before the meeting so we can have the answers ready.

Paper: GUILD COUNCIL - 2021.09.09 - PAPER - Proposed Interim Byelaws 2021-22.

NB: if Guild Council votes in favour, Trustee Board needs to also vote in favour in order for this to take effect. 

Guild President
7. Any other business.  Guild President


Notice of meeting (on Guild website) 26 August 2021
Agenda and Zoom details published  02 September 2021



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