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Comic Book Production Society

Virtual Games Session

Mon 13 September 2021 19:30-21:00
Virtual, Zoom, Gather Town

In this event one of our co-presidents will host an online game session, this will run on an online gaming platform called Gather town which can be accessed by anyone without having to have an account on the platform prior to attending the event. We will open a zoom meeting alongside the gaming platform to be able to speak to one another while we play the games, the link for which will be distributed across our social medias for people to join. The session will begin at 7:30 pm. To interact in this event participants will need to use their mics in order to play the games, though having cameras on will not be required though would be appreciated. Once the host has introduced the event and time has been given for people to join we will aim to play 3 different mini games on the website given that playing through each game is expected to take half an hour we anticipate the session to end at 9:00pm. People are free to leave whenever they wish, and can join the session for as short or as long a time as they like.


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