Welcome Team Top Tips

Name: Ellie, Year of Study: 3, Subject: BA English

"Hi, I'm Ellie and I'm part of the Welcome Team 2020! My top tip for making the most of your Freshers' Week experience is to throw yourself into everything - say yes to as many opportunities to meet new people as you can, no matter how tired you are! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and although some experiences will be better than others, if you meet just one person you click with all the anxiety will be worth it! I'm so glad I made the most of my Freshers' Week as going into final year nearly all of my closest friends are the people I met in this first week at university. But equally, don't worry if the first people you meet aren't your forever friends - just be yourself and you'll find your people - whether it's in the first week or the second term." 


Name: Hannah, Year of Study: 4, Subject: BA Sociology and Anthropology

“Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m part of Welcome Team 2020! My top tip for making the most of your university experience would be to join an intramural sports team with your new flatmates/ coursemates. It’s a great way to bond with new people whilst enjoying a competitive sport. It can be as laid back or serious as you like!” 


Name: Osarumwense, Year of Study: 2, Subject: Medical Sciences

“Top tip: Make sure that you go to all your lectures when you start. It might seem okay to miss a few but catching up is stress you do not need. Going to lectures is necessary to your academics and is actually a good way to make a few friends and start your day on a good note!” 


Name: Chester, Year of Study: 3, Subject: BSc (Hons) Medical Science

"Hi, I’m Chester and I’m part of the Welcome Team 2020, I'm a student from Hong Kong who is studying a medical science degree! My top tip for making the most of your freshers' week experience is that if you're an international student and if you are going to attend on-campus teaching activities, below are the mandatory procedures that you must complete on arrival to Exeter: Collect your keys/fobs for your accommodation, document clearances by the university, collection of your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) card plus police registration if your visa mentions it. I also recommend you to open your bank account too in UK, so that you can handle your finances much more easily. Furthermore, you can also book your airport transfer service which will take you from Heathrow Airport to the university campus and it'll run during arrivals' weekend. Upon arrival on campus, you can take the minibus departing from campus to your new accommodation. Finally, you can attend campus tours and other welcome events held by the university to make your life easier in UK." 


Name: Basilla Cheng, Year of study: 3, Subject: BSc Accounting and Finance

"Hi, I’m Basilla and I’m one of the volunteers of Welcome Team 2020! There are so many ways that you can get involved when joining us in Exeter, and my top tip is getting involved with academic representation as much as possible during the course of your study. The Students’ Guild’s Academic Representation ensures that students are willing to have a say on their education experience in university and improvements are carried out based on the student feedback. Interacting with your Subject Reps is very important as it can really lead to constructive changes to your course, such as improvements on course contents, timetabling and learning materials, or continuing something on the course that you really like! You can also nominate yourself to represent your course as a Subject Rep to receive feedback from coursemates and present them in the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC).”


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