How it Works

Your Opinions

Here's how the process works, right from the moment you give your opinion through to it being actioned.

  • 1. Give us your opinion

    If you have a comment or issue you would like to raise, you can tell us your views here.

  • 2. Check and Approval

    Someone in the Voice Team will review your feedback to make sure it is something your Students’ Guild can help with (this should be within five days). Find out more.

  • 3. Comments and Upvotes

    We will email you once your opinion has been cleared, and we will add a theme to the title and a filter tag to help other students search for it. For 14 days other students can give it a thumbs up (upvoting) and add their own views to your opinion.

    This concept was borrowed from Westminster SU, and it adds value to views and opinions in two ways; by allowing those who agree to give a simple thumbs up and also giving space for discussion and different perspectives in the comments to help demonstrate the depth and breadth of feeling on the subject and get a better understanding of what students want!

  • 4. Feedback Passed On

    After the 14 days, the upvoting and commenting will close and we will pass it all on to the relevant staff members who can take action. Meanwhile, your opinion will move to the progress checker section of the website.

  • 5. Updates and Resolution

    When we've been informed of the resolution to your opinion, you will be emailed to update you on this. We'll update progress too along the way, but we’ll only email when it's complete!

  • 6. After that...

    If you're happy with the outcome, you can let us know in the Satisfaction Survey. If you think more could be done or that the response is lacking then submit a new view or opinion and refer to the resolved one with more detail on what you think should have been done instead!

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