Music Week

"My time at Uni wouldn’t have been the same if I had not done Music Week and I can’t recommend it enough."

"My time at Uni wouldn’t have been the same if I had not done Music Week and I can’t recommend it enough."

Tickets for Music Week 2018 now on sale!

“Music week was by far the highlight of my first year. The combination of rehearsals, taster sessions and socials made it so easy to get to know all the wonderful people involved with music at Exeter and feel involved before the term even started. As cliche as it sounds, my time at uni wouldn’t have been the same if I had not done the week and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Katy Jones, Trombone, 1st year Geography.

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Music Week is regarded by many returning students as one of the best weeks of their first year, and is a great way to meet and socialise with other musicians.

Music Week is a residential programme held each September in the week before Freshers' Week. Whilst attending, you will have the opportunity to take part in a series of workshops, and get a flavour of all the music groups you could get involved with during your time at University. It is a great way to meet new people, and gain experience of life in and around Exeter before the madness of freshers’ week begins.

Waiting on results to confirm your place at Exeter? You can get a refund on your Music Week ticket if you don’t end up coming here, so don’t worry about buying before results day.

Need help with the cost of coming to Music Week? You can apply to the Student Activities Hardship Fund.

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A group tries out new instruments during a Music Week session

Accommodation tickets

These are aimed at new students. Accommodation is provided on campus in Holland Hall. The ticket includes all your meals and costs for socials for the whole week and will pay for everything you need. You may want to bring a little bit of extra spending money with you, but this won’t be necessary to take part in any of the daytime activities or evening entertainment. There will be people on hand on Saturday 15th to help you move from Holland Hall to your accommodation for the rest of the year. There is also storage available throughout the week for any extra luggage you wish to bring down for when you move into your halls of residence.

There will be two returning students staying in Holland Hall with you to act as your Music Week ‘Parents’. They are there to help you find your way around Exeter and make sure you know where you to go and when. They will also act as a bridge between the new students and returning students, helping you to integrate into the music community. With the help of full-time Students’ Guild staff, they will provide pastoral support for any difficulties you may have during the week.

Things to pack for Music Week:

  • Clothes for 6 days
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel)
  • Towel
  • Phone charger
  • Instrument
  • ID
  • Any medication you need
  • Some money for anything extra you might want to buy

Non-accommodation tickets

These are aimed at returning students. They allow you a little more flexibility with what you do in the week, as you can stay in your own accommodation and they do not include any meals, so you can choose what you eat throughout the week. They still include all the activities in week both in the daytime and evening entertainment.

The group of first years from Music and Orchestra Week 2016

Daytime activities

There are a whole range of workshops in the day from a wide variety of musical styles, from African drumming to musical theatre and everything in between. Some of the sessions will be for the whole cohort, but there will also be options to choose between multiple workshops running at the same time.

There are two main streams which have sessions running at the same time: Contemporary and Classical.

The ‘Contemporary Stream’ is open to all musicians and singers, with a week full of sessions geared towards reinforcing your love for genres you’re already familiar with and giving you a taste of genres you may have always wanted to try but never got the chance to. With session in styles ranging from jazz to soul choir, and a variety of choral sessions for our singers, as well as workshops from external visitors and small ensemble sessions. Whatever your background and interests, there really is something for everyone

A well attended rehearsal of the Symphony Orchestra

The ‘Classical Stream’ is aimed at orchestra musicians will involve rehearsing alongside current members of the Symphony Orchestra getting ready to perform Sibelius’ Symphony No.2 at the end of the week. There will be a chance to develop the repertoire alongside musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra towards the end of the week.

The Contemporary Stream is open to any musician (instrumental or voice) from any musical background and of any ability. The Classical Stream is aimed at orchestra instrumentalists and we recommend that you are playing at around Grade 5 level or above. None of the sessions are compulsory, but we do encourage you to get involved in as much as possible!

An outdoor performance by members of Music Week during Freshers' Week

Evening Entertainment

On top of the workshops during the day, there are events every evening to introduce you to life in Exeter. These range bowling, to going to a board game café, and fancy-dress nights out. Again, none of these are compulsory, but we do encourage you to get involved. There will also be a chance to walk around Exeter city on Wednesday afternoon.

A group pose as pirates on a themed night out during Music and Orchestra Week

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