Event Description

Online social #8

03/03/2021 19:30

Join us for our 8th online social of Term 2! We’ll be playing a variety of online games (like Secret Hitler, Scribblio, Jackbox, Coup and Codenames) and some traditional Hide and Seek Soc games (like Mafia, Empire and Secret Artist - and even Hide and Seek!).

To attend, simply join our Discord server at the link below:


It’s super easy to create an account if you don’t already have one, just give yourself a username to be added to the Hide and Seek Society Discord server. If you already have a Discord account, set your nickname to your real name once you join (it makes things easier for our Gamesmaster!)

When the event begins, hop onto Discord (we recommend downloading the app but it’s not essential) and join our Gamesmaster Rachel in the “The Waiting Room” voice channel.

If you’re late and everyone’s mid-game, just hop in the waiting room and a committee member will catch you up to speed and either add you into the game OR chat & play online games like Scribblio until the main game ends.

We work this way because if you join in the middle of a game, you won’t know what’s happening and we want you to get involved rather than just watching! We’re always happy to do this, so don’t worry! It helps us get to know you all better.

You don’t have to buy membership right away, so do come and try everything out first. But it’s only £1, and you get loads of perks, like a Where’s Wally hat and tickets to special socials.

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