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Guild Council

Guild AGM & Guild Council

Tue 25 January 2022 18:30-20:00

All students are welcome to come online to the Guild’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be followed by Guild Council (Tuesday 25 Jan, 18:30, Zoom).

The Guild AGM is an opportunity to ask questions to your trustees and Full-Time Officers, and find out how they are representing you. 

Guild Council is your representative body within the Guild. It’s members are the Full-Time Officers and the College Officers – all students are welcome to share their views.

Zoom (you may need to log in using your University account): Link  |  Meeting ID: 933 1360 5573  |  Password: 247490 

AGM Agenda (approx. 45 minutes)

1 Welcome and Introductions
2 Ratification of the minutes of the previous AGM 

Reports to receive: 
Annual Report from Trustee Board 2020-21
Impact Report 2020-21
Audited Accounts 2020-21


GUILD AGM - 2022.01.24 - Paper - Trustee Report 2020-21

GUILD AGM - 2022.01.24 - PAPER - Audited Accounts 2021 summary and affiliations

GUILD AGM - 2022.01.24 - PAPER - Audited Accounts 2021

4 Approve the list of affiliations of the Guild
5 Open questions to trustees from student members 

Guild Council Agenda (approx. 45 minutes)

Agenda Item and Context Lead
1. Welcome
NB: The meeting will be recorded and published online. Notice
Discussion Guidelines 
2. Attendance and Apologies  Chair
3. FOR APPROVAL: The minutes from the last meeting.
Guild Council must agree the notes accurately reflect the last meeting.
Paper: GUILD COUNCIL – 2021.11.30 – NOTES – draft. 
4. FOR INFORMATION: Update on actions.  Chair
5. Notifications of any other business.  Chair

6. FOR DISCUSSION: Campus and COVID – Looking Ahead to Term 2. 

The Officers are keen to hear from students about their experiences of exam week, particularly about the methods of assessment (whether in-person or remote), and the impact of deferrals due to COVID. 

In addition, Guild Council will have a discussion about the upcoming term and the impact COVID may have on the student experience (whether or not Plan B measures are lifted). 

Guild President

7. FOR INFORMATION: An update regarding student mental health provisions.

The College Officer for Social Sciences and International Studies: ‘My team and I have created a report regarding the provisions of mental health and wellbeing offered from the University, the issues that such systems are currently facing, and a range of methods in order to ameliorate these issues. I have sent this report to Jonathan Critchley (Business Manager for the DVC Education) for his consideration.

College Officer - SSIS
8. Any other business.  Chair



10 January 2022 Notice for Student Members' Meeting and Guild Council published. 
18 January 2022 Agenda for Guild Council published. 
24 January 2022 Audited Accounts and Impact Report published. 
27 January 2022 Trustee Report and Audited Accounts summary (and affiliations) published following meeting.

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