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Guild Council

Guild Council

Tue 30 November 2021 13:30-15:30
Amory B106

Guild Council is the Guild's representative body - it's members are the Full-Time Officers and College Officers. All students are welcome to attend.

To find out more about Guild Council, and to submit an agenda item, please go to the website. The agenda is set one week in advance, so submit you agenda item more than one week before (otherwise it will be considered for the next meeting). 

This meeting will be held in-person in Devonshire House. There is the option of attending this meeting via Microsoft Teams. Please contact the Voice Team (voice@exeterguild.com) if you have any questions about joining the meeting. 

Microsoft Teams Link (you may need to log in via your university account). 


Item and Context Lead

1. Welcome

NB: The meeting will be recorded and published online. Notice

Discussion Guidelines

2. Attendance and Apologies.  Chair

3. FOR APPROVAL: The minutes from the last meeting. 

Guild Council must agree the notes accurately reflect the last meeting. 
Paper: GUILD COUNCIL – 2021.11.11 – NOTES – draft

4. FOR INFORMATION: Update on actions.  Chair
5. Notifications of any other business.  Chair

6. FOR DISCUSSION: Review of personal tutor provision across the University.

All students have a personal tutor, but what this actually means varies between college/course and even student. Personal tutors can have a huge impact on both academic and more general support during your time at university. My hope is that by reviewing students' (and staff's) expectations about what this relationship looks like and what support is provided we can make personal tutors a much more equitable resource across the university.

The first step is to gather information from students about current provision and their thoughts on this; Is it what you expected? Is it helpful? What is missing?

College Officers are asked to bring a summary of personal tutor practises in their college and to give an opinion of the state of personal tutor provision within their college informed by student feedback.

The purpose of this discussion is to establish the next steps for the review of personal tutor provision. In January, we will begin gathering feedback from staff perspective in order to draw up a best practice framework as a collaboration between students and staff.

VP Education

7. FOR DISCUSSION: Student Wellbeing Forum - student influence in their mental health and wellbeing. 

The University and the Guild are trying to work together to create a 'Student Wellbeing Forum' to provide students the ability to have a say on their wellbeing, and bring them into the same spaces as staff. We would like some student feedback on some ways this could be done effectively, as well as other suggestions on what are good ways for students to engage.

VP Liberation & Equality

8. FOR DISCUSSION: Discussion - the set-up and objectives of an International Student Working Group.

As per a priority this year I would like to ensure non-UK students have the best possible student experience here at Exeter. Every student, no matter where they come from, should feel a sense of belonging. For students to feel a sense of belonging their environment must be welcoming and cater to their needs. Exeter has a wide international student population, this is fantastic for our diversity, but I believe there is a lot to be done to improve the international student experience. A good starting point will be setting up an international student working group that can identify key issues within the university at the moment, as well as suggesting priorities for areas to work on, and some solutions to issues!

In Guild Council I would like to discuss the following:
- Membership of the group (should this be a closed group with selected representatives or a more open/townhall style event)
- Objectives of the group
- Regularity of meetings
- Any issues faced by international students currently known by attendees of council

The aim will be to get this working group running for Term 2. There is an 'Let's Talk : International Students' event which will also feed into its formation happening on Wednesday 1st December.

Guild President
9. Any other business. Chair


Notice of meeting (on Guild website) 1 September 2021
Notice updated: date of meeting changed to 30 November 2021 23 September 2021
Notice updated: time of meeting changed to 13:30. venue changed to Amory B106 to better facilitate hybrid meeting 5 November 2021
Agenda published.  23 November 2021

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