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Guild Council

Guild Council

Wed 06 October 2021 13:00-15:00
Building:One Kolade Teaching Room (Business School) / Teams

Guild Council is the Guild's representative body - it's members are the Full-Time Officers and College Officers. All students are welcome to attend.

To find out more about Guild Council, and to submit an agenda item, please go to the website. The agenda is set one week in advance, so submit you agenda item more than one week before (otherwise it will be considered for the next meeting). 

This meeting will be hybrid: held online on Microsoft Teams (link) and in-person in Building:One (although the there is a capacity limit so be prepared to join online if the room becomes full). Please contact the Voice Team (voice@exeterguild.com) if you have any questions about joining the meeting. 

Microsoft Teams Link.


Agenda Item and & Context Lead
1. Welcome. Guild President
2. Attendance and apologies.  Guild President

3. Notes from the last meeting. 

Guild Council must agree the notes accurately reflect the last meeting. 

Paper: GUILD COUNCIL - NOTES - draft

Guild President 
4. Update on actions.  Guild President
4A. FOR DISCUSSION: Students for Life Guild President

5. FOR INFORMATION: Officer Priorities 2021

To create the Full-Time Officer priorities for 2021/22, a lot of thought went into how we can collaborate as a team to ensure we are all working as effectively as we can for our students. After pulling together all the manifesto points that we were elected on, there were 3 themes that emerged: 

  1. Safety & Wellbeing 
  2. Innovation & Representation
  3. Belonging & Inclusivity

Each of the themes have a set of priorities under them which we represent what students want and need to enhance their student experience at Exeter.  

We are launching them on Wednesday 6 October on our website, and will be providing regular and consistent updates on our progress with them as visibility and transparency are two important aims for us this year.   

Lily, Guild President, will be presenting the priorities at Guild Council and will be facilitating a Q&A plus would like you to have a think in advance about the below discussion points and bring any ideas and thoughts you have.  

Discussion points:  

 > Do these themes resonate with what you think we should be working on?  

 > How is best to communicate our updates with you? How would you engage with them? 

 > How do we ensure that priorities are relevant and reflect our student community throughout the year?  

Guild President

VP Education

VP Opportunities

VP Liberation & Equality 

6.    FOR DISCUSSION: How can the Guild work with the University’s catering team and events team to promote a transition to reducing meat on campus. 

Student Submission: The Guild currently has no sustainability officer and I would be grateful to know what is being planned for this year in terms of climate action. 

Despite consensus in climate science that reducing meat and dairy intake is a key way to reduce carbon emissions, because of the complexities of commercial interests at the university, there is a lack of synergy between academic evidence and what is being offered on campus, for example dominos being promoted on campus for freshers week. Is this something the Guild council can address?

Student Discussion 

7.    FOR DISCUSSION: Coughs and sneezes spread diseases - do you feel safe coming to campus?

With the return of in-person teaching and activities, how safe do you feel about returning to campus? 

Our Freshers’ Week insight showed that for 151 students (7.25% of all participants) showed covid was a pressing issue both excited for in-person (119) and nervous (32). 

How do you feel about the measures currently in place on campus (hand sanitisers, optional face coverings) – is it enough, too much, or not enough?

How do you feel about the adaptions to your course – is too much or not enough accessible remotely? Is there enough in-person?

Guild President
8. Any other business. Guild President


Notice of meeting (on Guild website) 1 September 2021
Agenda published 29 September 2021
Venue changed to Building:One Kolade Teaching Room (Business School) to better facilitate blended meeting 04 October 2021
Agenda item added: 4A. FOR DISCUSSION: Students for Life     06 October 2021

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