Event Description

How has Brexit affected UK political culture? 5 Years in review

Facebook Livestream
21/01/2021 18:30

This event will be held on the evening of Thursday 21st January at around 6.30pm. 

The panel will be composed of Exeter University Lecturers and the organisers of the The New European Podcast. We are also waiting to hear back from former MEP Martin Horwood. During the event, we would like to have a discussion on how 5 years of Brexit has impacted UK political culture. We will centre the discussion around the following points:

  • Do we feel that much has changed politically? 

  • Is this the last that we hear of Brexit? 

  • Has it impacted the way in which we view our role as politically enfranchised citizens? 

  • How has it impacted the way that we view politicians as public servants, public figures etc?

  • Has the Brexit process impacted how democratic we think our political system is? 

  • How has it impacted the way that we as citizens identify with traditional political parties and their core beliefs?

  • Do we understand the term sovereignty better now than we did before? Do we feel like we’ve taken back control?

We are considering how we would like to make this event available to viewers. We have previously conducted similar events on zoom and livestreamed it to our facebook page or published it on our youtube channel. We would like to do the same with this event and are in discussions about this with our speakers.


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