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Guild Council

Microsoft Teams
30/06/2020 15:00

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Publication date: 24 June 2020. Modifications made after this date will be noted below. 

Item and Context Lead
Welcome, introductions, apologies for absence.  Guild Chair
Notification of any other business. Guild Chair

1. FOR DECISION: Ratification of the Guild's External Trustees.

Paper: Nominees for External Trustee.

Guild President

2. FOR DECISION: Governance amendments due to COVID-19 (societies)

Temporary byelaw change to Byelaw 7 (assuming it is passed by Trustee Board) so that societies who are disadvantaged by possible restrictions of events at the start of the year will not automatically be made dormant if they don’t get enough members by Week 6 of Term 1 (as highlighted by Societies Council). This temporary amendment will add a human discretionary step.

Paper: Temporary Amendment to Byelaw 7 - Student Activities

DVP Societies 

3. FOR DECISION: Governance amendments due to COVID-19 (proceedings) 

To ensure our governance allows for online meetings, make the following amendment to Byelaw 5. There is good reason to make this a permanent change as it is useful to have for other reasons (accessibility, future circumstances which prevent physical meetings).

Paper: Amendment to Byelaw 5 - Guild Council 

Guild Chair

4. FOR DECISION: Governance amendments due to the Officer Review 

Assuming Trustee Board pass the Transitional Arrangements, it leaves only one outstanding issue which needs to be resolved before 1st August (when they come into effect) – that of the role of Guild Chair (as it’s a role in M&A and elsewhere in byelaws). All matters pertaining to the interim year and the new model need to wait until next year when the Officer Review project has progressed sufficiently to advice Guild Council and Trustee Board as to what governance changes (temporary and permanent) are required.

Paper: Amendment to Transitional Arrangements 

Guild Chair 
Any other business Guild Chair 


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