Event Description

Academic Representation Leadership Conference

Kay House, Duryard
16/10/2019 12:30

The Academic Rep Leadership Conference, is a great chance to start off your year as an Academic Rep on the right note. It will enhance your training, and help you start to make plans for the year. There are interactive discussion sessions on diversity, campaigning, setting goals, promotion, feedback and student rights. You will discuss how to work with your subject department to achieve your aims, and how to engage students and encourage them to take ownership of their academic experience through you.

This event is supported by the University of Exeter’s Alumni Annual Fund.

Outline of the day

12:00-12:30   Registration

12:30-13:30   Welcome speech and lunch (provided)

13:35-14:15   Choose from:

  • "Representing students who aren't like me"
  • "Collaborative representation"
  • "Setting goals (in partnership)"

14:15-14:30   Break

14:30-15:10   Choose from:

  • "Promoting your work and your role"
  • "Using publicity and social media"
  • "Looking at data"

15:10-15:30   Coffee break

15:30-16:10   Choose from:

  • "Role models in HE"
  • "Closing the feedback loop"
  • "Student rights"

16:30-17:15   Keynote address

Session information

Representing students who aren't like me

The aim of this session is to help you raise awareness of Academic Representation for all students, including those who are traditionally referred to as “hard to reach.” This will include being aware of marginalising factors such as those which arise from race, nationality, age and caring responsibilities as well as intersections with gender, culture and family circumstances.

Collaborative representation

This session will get you thinking about and planning student-led change in partnership with the University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild. It will cover the kinds of change that student might want, and will include discussions about petitions, polls and open-text feedback, and working with academics and administrative staff to deliver change. It will also cover general issues around working for change in collaborative rather than confrontational ways.

Setting goals

This session will enhance basic SMART target training, to fit against corporate project planning so that you can contextualise and input into departmental planning for current and future years. It will include discussion about the general use of data and how to identify specific needs from feedback.

Promoting your work and role

This session will help you to develop plans to lead promotion and publicity of Academic Representation and feedback methods. It will cover the emotional buy-in needed to make academic representation a natural part of conversations around Higher Education.

Using publicity and social media

The purpose of the session is to develop an awareness and focus on Social Media and publicity in a wider sense, keeping in mind both the positives (in terms of mass engagement), and the negatives in working with online platforms, de-humanising the content and delivery which can result in negative and non-inclusive experiences.

Looking at data

The purpose of the session is to cover the general findings from the NSS, PTES and PRES survey feedback, and look at the themes which have emerged across the data, as well as the general use of metrics, and how the league tables are keyed be used for general publicity, student awareness, prospective students and for employers. It will enable you to carry on this conversation at discipline level in order to work on planning which includes these data sets to improve the student experience.

Role models in HE

The purpose of the session is to look at how Higher Education may be inaccessible or unavailable for some people. It will include discussions on issues such as decolonising the curriculum, role models in academia and the black attainment gap.

Closing the feedback loop

This session will help you work with feedback systems, so that you can form part of that system, including closing the feedback loop. There will be discussions on recording feedback, and keeping records which are compliant with data protection requirements.

Student rights

Students tend to understand their rights in relation to employment and housing – but what rights do students have in relation to their education? And what role can course reps play in their enforcement? In this interactive we’ll take the things that students moan about and consider how reps can develop effective policy interventions to ensure that students’ rights are promoted, extended, defended and enforced.

Event Information

The event will take place in Kay House, Duryard, which is building number 85, in square 1A on this map.

Registration is from 12pm. There will be a welcome talk from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Tim Quine and Vice-President Education Penny Dinh at 12.30 followed by lunch.

Sessions will take place in rooms in Kay House and are 40 minutes each. Locations will be in your conference guide and there will be directions inside the building and room doors will be labelled. They are all open table discussions, led by a facilitator. Input from attendees is welcomed. There will also be a chance to continue the discussion with many of our facilitators who will be joining us in the Ram for the first AcRep Networking event. If you have signed up for a particular session, but would like to go to a different session instead, please feel free to! If you need to leave a session or the event at any time, please also feel free to do so.

There will be breaks between the sessions to allow you to move between rooms. The building is on two floors, but is fully accessible, with a lift to move between floors. There are toilets in the venue, including a disabled toilet, which is gender-neutral.

Allergy information will be available with food, but if you do have any specific questions, there will be Students’ Guild staff around to answer any questions you many have.

There is no dress code. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

There will be Students’ Guild staff on hand all day to help with any questions you have, so please do locate us if you need anything.

If you would like any more information, or have any questions, please email us. If you have any accessibility/dietary/other requirements, which did not indicate when registering for the event, please also email us with these.

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