Event Description

Check Your Privilege: Use Your Power

Forum Exploration Lab
20/02/2019 14:00


Check your Privilege, Use you Power workshop directly takes on themes like Privilege, Race, Intersectionality, Misogyny and Sexual Violence in an honest, open, "positively challenging" and unconventional way, using poetry, storytelling and lived experience to bring issues to life.


The event is organized in conjunction with a national Amnesty Campaign and as part of the We Are All Exeter campaign to invite students to hear the topics raised and engage into an open discussion regarding privilege on that covers many topics and be challenged positively in their way of thinking. However, this is not an explicit amnesty events.


Themes in the session will include discussion of racist and sexist abuse, online and offline violence, and #metoo in the context of women of colour. We know that participating in such discussions can be difficult and support delegates to step out of the room at any time and/or to speak with a member of the HRE unit before or after the session. We recognise that 1/3 of women have faced abuse or sexual violence, and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people of all genders experience racism. We also recognise that racism and sexism intersect with each other and with other discrimination including homophobia, transphobia, disableism, ageism and xenophobia.


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