Event Description

Term 2 Assassins

21/02/2019 00:00

Any mention of assassination is defined as the physical act of making contact with the individual specified by the contract and causing a fictional death by any means. This does not mean the causing of harm to any individual. Physical contact may be made by means of a projectile provided the projectile cannot harm the individual and the projectile is aimed away from sensitive areas of the body i.e. the face. Any mention of contact is defined as the information shared by the event organisers in order for participants to know the identity and have information that may lead them to the location of their target. Any mention of target is defined as the participant that is the individual that another participant is attempting to cause the assassination of. Any mention of committee refers to the party entrusted to run the event and collate and distribute necessary information that forms the document of a contact. Any mention of the event is defined as the game that is referred to as Assassins.

1. All and any information collated from the event about any participating individual will be destroyed upon completion of the event by any who hold it.

2. Any information shared about another participant for the purpose of assassination will be deleted as soon as possible after the completion of said assassination.

3. Any physical harm caused during an assassination will result in the immediate ceasing of participation in the event for the participant that caused the harming of the injured participant.

4. No use of a third party to aid in the assassination of a target unless explicitly permitted by the committee. All assassination attempts must be attempted on a target by the participant that has that participant as a target as dictated by their contract.

5. Any attempt to bribe the committee into revealing extra information will result in the immediate ceasing of the participation in the event by the participant that attempted to bribe.

6. Participants allow the committee to gather images of the participant for the contract from social media or the university if participants fail to provide a suitable image themselves. Whether an image is suitable is purely at the discretion of the committee.

7. Upon successful assassination of a target, the participant that caused the assassination will report to the committee their success so that a new target can be assigned for them.


  •  Reports must include the time, method and location of the assassination.
  •  Invalid reports will cause the ceasing of the participation of the participant that sent the invalid report.
    •  If the invalid report is written by another participant other than the participant to whom the e-mail address belongs to this will result in the ceasing of participation of both participants due to the insecurity of the e-mail account and the information shared and the cheating of the participant.

8. No assassination attempts are to be made in dedicated quiet study areas or in the targets bedroom. These are safe zones.) Quiet Study areas include the library, the Loft, Sanctuary etc.

  •  Assassination attempts must be appropriate for the space in which they are carried out. Any legitimate complaints about a participant will result in the ceasing of participation for that that participant.

9) Assassination attempts may occur during lectures but only if the express permission of the lecturer has been given and the committee has been given evidence of this permission being given.

10) Assassination objects must be clearly fake and should cause no offense or distress. This entails no object should actively be attempting to look like a real firearm, an explosive.

  • No objects, however clearly fake, should be left unattended as part of the event. All assassinations must be done by making physical contact with the target as stated above.

11) The committee reserve the right to cease the participation of any individual if the committee believe they are endangering another individual or damaging the reputation of the University of Exeter, the Hide and Seek Society at the University of Exeter due to their behaviour.


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