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2022/23 ACS Committee elections

This is your opportunity to get involved in the African Caribbean Society! Bring your ideas and visions to light for your community in Exeter.

The polls have closed.


The elected President of a society or student group is responsible for the overall governance, financial health, reputation and development of the group. They lead committee meetings, act as a role model for members and support the committee in performing their roles, often having to resolve complex personnel issues. In this post, they will be budget holders and develop leadership, management, planning and communication skills.
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Vice President

The elected Vice-President supports and deputises for the President in providing leadership and direction to the Committee. They also work to optimise the relationship between the Committee, and members, and to achieve the group/society's agreed goals.
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General Secretary

The elected Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the Committee. The secretary is the primary administration officer and provides the links between the Committee, members and outside agencies. The Secretary requires good communication skills, maintaining confidentiality on relevant matters and the ability to delegate tasks and supervise others. Amongst the Secretary's tasks are to prepare agendas, prepare and distribute minutes, receive and disse
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Publicity Officer (2 places)

The elected Officer is responsible for designing, promoting and publicising the student group/society, its events and campaigns, creating and co-ordinating the distribution of posters and flyers and managing digital/online publicity.
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Social Secretary (2 places)

The key function of the elected Officer is to organise a varied programme of well run and enjoyable social/sport events in line with Students' Guild policy. Social events play an important part in allowing members to get to know each other better and strengthens the group. The position requires good organisational and budgeting skills.
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Sponsorship Officer

The elected Officer is responsible for investigating sponsorship opportunities and formulating sponsorship proposals and legal contracts to secure funding for the group, society or specific event. After securing the funds, the Sponsorship Officer ensures that all contractual sponsorship requirements are met and that relationships with external partners remain consistently solid.
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The elected Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the group's accounts are maintained in accordance with the Students' Guild policies and procedures. Duties include preparing annual and event or activity specific budgets, ensuring money is spent in line with the aims and objectives of the society and maintaining accurate records as appropriate.
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Sports Officer

Sports is one of the most important parts of the student experience. From netball and football to rugby and dodgeball, the Guild offers dozens of dedicated sports teams and clubs, and as Sports Officer, it will be your job to develop opportunities for students to get involved in a rich range of sports at Exeter. Working closely with the social secretary, you will have a lead role in developing sports clubs in the Guild and building community in and between clubs.
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Accessibility Officer

Provide information, advice and guidance to students and staff on student-related issues eg general welfare, academic progress and study options, psychological wellbeing, personal health, and financial matters.
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St Luke's Representative

The elected representative is responsible for overseeing their specific area, promoting activities to and for these groups to encourage engagement across the Student body. Representatives become a recognisable peer to other students to voice their opinions and enable them to be heard at a higher level within the Students' Guild and the University. This role requires strong organisational, event, communication and time management skills.
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