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Candidate for the position of Doctoral College Officer

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Nadia Monaia

"Our Voices Matter!"

Thank you for electing me as your Doctoral College Officer for the 2020-2021 second academic term!

Even though I have only started working from March 1, I am already coordinating with the team of the Guild and the PGR representatives of the various departments on getting updates of your concerns and the challenges you are facing. You will be getting ongoing updates on what has been done, what is being done, and what will be done for your wellbeing, during these unpredicted times.

Also, surveys and questionnaires will be sent to you to ensure that each of your concern has been heard. Moreover, meetings will be set with the PGR representatives to get ongoing updates. Your voices matter, they are heard, and will be echoed!

Among the major points that will be stressed are:

  • Students’ Wellbeing
  • Students’ Inclusion
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships Offers
  • Waiver Fees for Self-Funded Students
  • Reduction of Tuition Fees
  • Extensions of Visas (International Students)
  • Securing Students’ Scholarships
  • Securing Students’ Accommodation
  • Access of Facilities and Support
  • Support for PGR Students who are Parents/Guardians
  • Employability


Moreover, I will collaborate with the Activities Department to offer engaging, diverse, and inclusive events or activities that relate to PGR students. Events for PGR students’ children and teens will also be offered. Besides, cultural, entertaining, and artistic events that will be conducted by PGR International students will be welcomed to strengthen and enrich our PGR community through the colours of diversity and inclusion.

I look forward to making sure that our voices are heard, echoed, and that we will have a positive academic experience.

Thank you :)

“Our Voices Matter!”

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