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Manav Hartono

MSC (Mental Health, Student Voice, Careers) Making Smart Changes

Hi everyone, I am Manav, a second-year Psychology student, and I am running to be your next CLES officer for the next academic year! People consider me a very hard-working individual with a strong work ethic and a motivated mind.

I have spent the past two years in the university representing students as a subject rep, an academic peer mentor and a student rep for the Psychology Athena SWAN and Inclusion Working Group (PASWIG). Working in these roles have allowed me to make numerous changes in the Psychology course. Having worked with different people and have developed essential skills to improve my confidence, I now feel destined to make effective changes on behalf of the CLES that will benefit the student body.

I feel the importance of representing the student community and will hope to expand the three areas devised from academic interest, wellbeing, and career opportunities. 

1. Mental Health

Firstly, I hope to continuously promote the importance of mental health and wellbeing by communicating with the Deans of Education for the college. Most essentially, by listening to the student voice about their concerns and progress on their Wellbeing, especially during an unprecedented time of COVID-19. Hence, more action on mental health support is necessary to maintain positive wellbeing for all students in the CLES.

I have had the opportunity as a subject rep to promote mental health to the college by creating a list of useful resources (via email and poster) to spread more awareness of wellbeing support.

2. Student Voice 

Secondly, I hope to actively support the student voice by representing the students in the CLES inside the Guild and university. In specific terms, to ensure a positive experience is offered for all students in the CLES during the remainder of their university life, and that students participate in activities organized by the Guild and university. Furthermore, I hope to support student reps in the CLES, the Full-Time Officers and University leaders by listening to the student voice.

Participating in the SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee) meetings have allowed me to understand how to represent the students’ views by getting feedback from students when conducting questionnaires and polls on particular modules, coursework and exams.

3. Career Support

Finally, I hope to help spread more awareness of the career opportunities offered in the CLES. I would like to help promote career services; The Exeter Award, Career Mentor Programme, any organised employable events for students where they can develop essential skills and make the most of the career services available.

I had the opportunity to achieve The Exeter Award and attended multiple employable events in the CLES range that benefited my personal growth and knowledge learned.

Overall, I hope to use these policies when working with students in the College community, the Full-Time officers and senior staff in CLES. I strongly believe that I can make bigger positive changes in our student community, and by electing me, I will ensure the policies are met respectively.

Hope you vote for me!


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