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Candidate for the position of Guild President

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Lily Margaroli

Making the Guild work for YOU.

Supporting all aspects of your wellbeing. Rebuilding your university experience. Enhancing the Guild.


Full manifesto here.


Cultural Competency - a guild that understands student’s experience and needs

  • Guild Staff must receive cultural competency, disability awareness and trauma disclosure training, allowing them to work for and support all students.

  • Work more closely with the University, Societies and Student Leaders to enhance and support Liberation Projects, and ensure diverse and inclusive Cultural Celebrations.

  • Lobby for student voices in the progress of the new multi-faith centre.


Complaints Reform - student-focused and support throughout 

  • Create separate channels sensitive to students' needs for different forms of complaints. Currently sexual harassment and academic complaints follow the same process. This is not serving students’ needs.

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the complaints procedure to reform it - creating a student-focused process.

  • Ensure there is complete clarity on the procedures and processes that take place following a complaint, with the wellbeing of the student supported via a named welfare representative throughout.


Student Wellbeing - work collaboratively to provide wraparound support 

  • Create a monitored and accessible Relaxation Space on campus separate from study spaces, designated to calmness, meditation, prayer and reading.

  • Work to create better communication between University Wellbeing Services, Student Lead Support Groups and the Guild. Focus on collaboration, sharing of information, resources and expertise.

  • Lobby University Wellbeing to provide group counselling sessions, an additional form of psychological support, which has proved successful in other universities.


Beyond Covid - mitigate the impact on your university experience 

  • Ensure Freshers’ Week caters to current first years via additional Guild events specific to this year group, support with transition to community living, and working with societies to support inclusive in person events.

  • Work with College Officers to put in place in-person mentoring-led support groups to assist with the formation of intradisciplinary friendships. 

  • Ensure that beyond Covid, there is consideration and support for International students.

  • Prioritise the use of all available space on campus for safe socialising and studying.


St Luke’s - increase Guild presence and support 

  • Create a working group of St Luke’s students to consult on improving Guild relations on St Luke’s campus. 

  • Work to increase the Guild's presence on St Luke's by utilising the G47 space and introducing an Advice Unit. Hold more events in Fresher's Week and throughout the term.


Students’ Physical Safety - 24/7 support on and around campus

  • Lobby the University, and Exeter City Council, to improve lighting on and around campus.

  • Improve clarity on the services provided by Estate Patrol and restore it to its core purpose of wellbeing.

  • Lobby the University to renew their Student Alcohol and Drug policy; explicitly focusing on harm-reduction, providing education on drug use and drug safety testing kits.


Improved Access to Information - quick, clear and accessible information 

  • Improve the Guild’s website so that students can find help (financial, academic, wellbeing, safety etc.) quickly and easily.

  • Consult a diverse range of student voices throughout this process.

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