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Candidate for the position of VP Liberation and Equality

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Marion Ojua

Committed to representing your needs and getting results. A person you can trust and rely on - #MazHazYourBack.


Twitter and Instagram: @marion4vpliberation

Why me?

Dedicated to making positive change and ensuring equality, which is reflected through what I have done within the University.

  • Experience with communicating with the Guild and engaging with a variety of students from different backgrounds, through obtaining 4 different committee roles.
  • Involved with the Guild; invited as a Panel Speaker in the Black History Month event.
  • Involved in an Inclusivity in Wellbeing meeting with VP Welfare and Diversity and the Head of Wellbeing Services, which influenced the introduction of Nilaari.
  • Involved in a meeting with the Education Incubator to discuss students’ racial equality and inclusion projects and decide which received funding.


What I will do for YOU

  1. Prioritise all students’ safety.

Criminal reports of sexual assault in Exeter have tripled in the past ten years. 98% of the victims were aged between 18-25, the average age of an Exeter undergraduate. Yet, since 2015 fewer than 5 reports have been made to the University each year.


  • Refine the process to report discrimination and sexual assault, as it is currently very confusing.
  • Move the University to provide an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) to offer practical and emotional support and advice to students that have experienced sexual violence.
  • Create a training system and hub for committee members to help them support members who approach them with discrimination or sexual assault claims.


  2. Prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of ALL students.


  • Work with VP Education to fight to continue requiring no evidence for extensions next year. The mental and physical strain of Covid-19 will not just go away. This will also aid first years beginning University in a difficult time.
  • Personal tutors to receive wellbeing and sensitivity/trauma training so they can offer an approachable form of support.
  • The University recognises the individual circumstances of student parents/carers and offers better adjustments to their university work/exams, to support them and aid their general wellbeing.
  • Champion for the University to provide the option for disabled students to continue learning remotely, enabling accessibility.


  3. The University is not merely performative but held accountable in aiding its black students and students of colour.


  • Funding and support for student diversity and inclusion projects is continuous so they have the funds to create the lasting impact they seek to make.
  • BIPOC students have equal access to therapy and well-being services for them; making sure services like Nilaari offer sufficient support and are in good communication with the University.


  4. The University cares for and supports international students in an equal capacity to its home students.


  • Advocate for a system which provides students without bank accounts, a card that acts as a payment method which they can pay cash into. A cashless University is not inclusive for international students and working-class students.
  • Work with VP Education/Opportunities to create a system where international students can be mentored in each year of study, on securing a job in the UK.


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