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Bella Enoizi

I’ve campaigned nationally for your academic protection with S4AM. Using this experience, I’ll use #MyVoiceForYourProgress. Visit my website for more policies and details:

Through my work this year, I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with current Guild officers and meet with high-level staff to negotiate policy, but - most importantly – I have had countless conversations with students about what they need. This has shown me how important it is that students are able to speak up and that those with power to initiate change listen to them. Because of this experience, voting for me will ensure that students’ academic rights are at the forefront of the agenda from day one. I will use my experience to action the changes you want to see. 

Student issues are ever-evolving and I pledge to use #MyVoiceForYourProgress, whatever the circumstances.


My manifesto was developed with student input and centres around three themes:

  1. Fair, Protective Academic Policies – details HERE

  2. Amplify Student Voices & Demand Transparency – details HERE

  3. Developing ‘Academic Wellbeing’  – details HERE


Find out my plan for you below!


All students:

  • Continue to push for comprehensive Covid-19 support, especially for 2022 graduates.
  • Fight to ensure the in-person education you signed up for stays (safely) in-person. 
  • Maximise availability/accessibility of recorded content for all.
  • Improve policies for those with caring responsibilities via an adjustment to student profile similar to ILPs; a one-time check giving them access to extensions/deferrals or alternative assessments when needed.
  • Amplify student voices & demand transparency: 
    • Explain decision making processes to encourage trust in the people who represent students in meetings.
    • Ensure students understand – and use – feedback options available; add a ‘Feedback’ tile to iExeter, including Subject Rep & College Officer information for easier & faster feedback.
    • Improvements to Guild website, eg. Clear page with dates/times/topics of meetings, updated with minutes & attendees. Credit given when reps suggest ideas/help develop policies to encourage participation and demonstrate students’ own impact. 
    • Student reps present whenever possible, including high-level meetings such as with APAC (the exam board). 
    • ‘Office-hour’ system in run up to major meetings to ensure all topics will be covered if relevant reps cannot attend.
    • Student reps involved in fulfilling college commitments to Climate Emergency White Paper. 
  • Create Guides for all students including PG and Mature students eg. ‘Surviving as an undergrad’, ‘Imposter syndrome & isolation’.
  • Academic support for current first years to equip them for second year.
    • Skills workshops or ‘tips’ for second years with no practice at live note-taking or class discussion.
  • Create ‘academic communities’ using academic societies: eg. through group chats: for mature students to meet each other, introduce second years who have never met course-mates etc. 


BAME students:

  • Work with BAME reps on continuing to decolonise the curriculum & reassess whether modules are diverse enough.
  • Build on success of colleges such as SSIS in production of BAME scholars reading lists and lectures. 


Post Graduate and Mature students: 

  • PG and Mature Student webpage ‘Hubs’ developed with student input.
  • Compassionate PGR medical leave policies.
  • Extensions for PGR students similar to UKRI-funded students. 
  • Training for supervisors (specific to UKRI or self-funded etc) to familiarise basic policy. 


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