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Sho Taniyama

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My name is Sho Taniyama and I am running as your SSIS College Officer for the 2021/2022 academic year.
I am a second-year law student from Japan and I hope to become a solicitor in the future.
My manifesto commitments are:
1. Exams
With exams over the past two years being online, students may never have sat in an in-person exam. Dependant on the decision of the university, I would like to negotiate with the college to make sure that students voices are heard and that students are not disadvantaged by this sudden change.
2. The No Student Left Behind Policy.
I believe that each and every student should have support from their departments. Through this year many students have unfortunately been unable to reach their true academic potential. As a method of combating this, I would like to require personal tutors to reach out to their students who have received less than 50% in their mark so they can improve in the future.
3. Mental Health Support
As students, we do not have adequate mental health support. I would like to implement a system which provides insight for the departments and the college to address our long neglected mental health needs and adjust teaching accordingly.
I know that some of you may not believe in student representation. Trust me, I’ve been there. As a student who had received a 40% throughout his GCSE’s I understand that student representation can seem very one sided. However, through this pandemic I think most of us have recognised the importance of our voices. I am here to become your voice. I hope I would be able to represent each and every one of your voices equally and efficiently regardless of age, gender, background or grades.
Throughout this year we have been tested in many ways. We have fought out of necessity, for our rights and our interests. However, I think it is time for us to come together as one and believe in the true values of democracy. If I am being honest, I think as students, we are at a crossroads. We either fall as a college or we climb to a better future. I understand what I am asking from each and every one of you is not a small request. I am asking you all to vest your beliefs in student representation once again. However, if I become college officer, I can guarantee that I am here for you. You all have shown such resilience this year, and I would like to continue that legacy of excellence and spirit. As College Officer, I will not settle for anything less than needed for students both domestic and international.
With your help, I believe we can make real change, which reflects our voices not mere compromises. 
Thank you for reading.

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