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Candidate for the position of VP Postgraduate

Zhenxian Lu

Connect British Students Community and International Students Community

I am Jason Lu, I am studying Msc Money Banking and Finance for Masters. I used to work as a marketing manager in Shanghai for a Finnish company with headquarter in Helsinki. My mainly responsibility is to make market reports, develop institutional clients, arrange industrial exhibitions.

I am going to help Chinese students integrate into British culture and enrich their daily life. The issue I am going to address is to culture conflicts and some mental unhealthy caused by culture isolation. To make it measurable, I am going to organize a variety of events regularly, such as British Culture Salon, Coffee Culture Workshop and British Dessert Workshop and so on. These events info can be posted on ELE, newspaper and other social media so that students are aware of them. It is expected to improve British Student Community and Chinese Students Community. To make it achievable, I am going to have cooperation with Chinese Student society, with Exeter City Community Trust, with other campus societies and build some social media group (Facebook or Wechat) to reach more students. Meanwhile, lecturers at Exeter University could be invited to give a lecture about British Culture and History. Most of these events are relevant with students’ university experience. The aim can be realized in one-year term.

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