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Candidate for the position of VP Postgraduate

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Josip Martincic

Making the Postgraduate voice heard! #GladToBeAPostgrad



I will work on:

Desk space

I will unify the good work being done on this important topic by different groups in the University and keep students updated on progress.

University processes

I experienced the complex withdrawal from the Masters course to accept a PhD offer. I will streamline and simplify systems which cause unnecessary frustration to both students and staff. 

PG-specific advisor

With the upcoming UCU strikes, the University will have money to redistribute. I will ensure we get dedicated wellbeing support.

PG Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

I created this successful campaign last year and will run it termly.  

BME and LGBTQ+ Profiles

For Black and LGBT History Months, I will run profiles of current postgraduates about the personal impact of icons from their communities. 


Academic Representation

I will: 

  • have termly 1-2-1 meetings with PG reps

  • reward Rep of the Month, raising your profile and sharing good practice

  • guarantee refreshments at all Guild meetings chaired by me, as this is the least we can do to say thank you



Anyone over the age of 21 is considered a mature student, which is most PGs. We have specific needs and I will address them in this role. 

IT induction 

The University expects a level of technological literacy. Having done my undergraduate degree at another university, I needed support to navigate the Exeter systems. I will lobby for a comprehensive, inclusive induction for PG students.

Rights as tenants 

Landlords abuse mature students, who experience issues such as being forced to pay council tax. I will make sure that any such agencies are not University approved.



You make up nearly 15% of the student population, but the University often overlooks your diverse international community, with your complex needs not being met. I will address this by running consultations and inviting you to relevant meetings.



Students have limited time (1st term) to get accustomed to St. Luke’s and the University. If elected, I will:

  • Ensure better Guild presence at St. Luke’s, including Freshers’ Week

  • Lobby for the return of the shop, which has been missed by the community

  • Spend one day a week on St. Luke's, meeting reps and running proportionately equal amount of socials


PGT Reps

Masters students need a stronger presence on SSLC and I will ensure this through training and following-up with staff members. 



As a current PhD student, I know first-hand the challenges we face as a community, especially in the current funding climate. I will lobby the university for more college-level PhD scholarships.



A lot of PGRs, including myself, teach. The Guild only represents us as students, not employees, so why are the University and UCU not representing us fairly?

If elected, I will:

  • Ensure all colleges and, where applicable, departments have a PTA rep

  • Liaison with these reps on PTA rights, including fair marking pay

  • Ensure PTAs have good communication with the UCU PGR rep

  • Advertise existing HR PTA workshops and lobby for more online, widely accessible content 

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