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Candidate for the position of VP Welfare and Diversity

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Grace Arber

Guild Requires Action Change Enhancement #EmbraceGrace

Changing Culture

* Work with the University to establish an Induction for all Freshers. This will incorporate Anti-Racism Workshops, Consent Sessions and Bystander Intervention Training.

* Public #ZeroTolerance and #WeStandWithSurvivors pledges by University Management and Guild Executives on the issues of discrimination - especially racism and sexual harassment/ violence. Ensure this is followed through with decisive action against offenders and extensive support provided to victims.

* Introduce a Night Bus to allow students to feel safer getting home.

* Establish a Sexual Health month reinforcing consent messaging, providing STI testing and contraceptive methods and highlighting safe and healthy sexual practices.

* Host a campus-wide 'Take Back The Night' for survivors.

* Incorporate our Equality Panels and student societies in to wider Liberation Networks. Build upon History Months as well as funding themed Lemmy nights out (e.g. LGBTQ Rainbow Rave) and visiting inspirational speakers.


Live Well, Be Well Project

A shiny new program designed at 1) teaching you skills to take away, use and and apply to #LiveWell 2) providing you with affordable trips away to relax, rejuvenate and recharge in our local community and around the South West, so that you can #BeWell

LiveWell: Expect everything from talks by financial planners on the budgeting habits you need to growing your own veg in our Guild Garden!

BeWell: Hikes in Dartmoor? Surfing in Cornwall? A visit to the Eden Project? You vote, decide and come along!


The Student Mental Health Crisis

Demand that the University:

1) Dramatically increases Wellbeing Services funding

2) Ends the closure of wait lists for support and the capping of services

3) Employs culturally-competent counsellors with specific training to meet the needs of our diverse student body (BAME, LGBTQ+, sex workers etc)

4) Allows students to refer peers for support services

5) Initiates a solution to Digital Check-in issues

6) Implements ILP recommendations - with clear responsibility for failings

7) Improves the January exam period timings

8) Overhauls mitigation and institutes a ‘moment of Grace’ extension policy

9) Reduces inequality in the burdensome complaints process 

10) Ensures equal welfare provision to St Luke’s.

A failure to do so will result in the declaration of an Emergency Mental Health Crisis by the Guild. As a union, we will pursue aggressive and public action to force the university to change their stance.


The Best of The Rest

  • Introduce chargers for short-term loan when you need a quick power up to check in, get home or make a call.

  • Work with VP Activities to start up a Re-Freshers Talent Show; showcasing the diversity and skill of our students groups and societies.

  • More Wellbeing-led support groups for dealing with grief, coming out, surviving sexual violence etc.

  • Takeover of Cornwall House during exam seasons. You will find the provisions you need to get you through (free fruit, a nap room and hand massages), de-stress events (yoga sessions, pet therapy and meditation classes) and all the support you need (short counselling sessions from Wellbeing and College Welfare staff on hand to discuss any issues).


For more... #EmbraceGrace


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