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Candidate for the position of Guild President

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Yanyao Deng

Guild makes us better than life itself, instead of pursuing a better life !!!

Who I am

I’m Yanyao Deng, a first-year educational research Student. I’m energetic, vibrant and strive to enjoy life in active and invigorating ways. I am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that students want to see. I want the students of UoE to feel I’m a person who they trust; I’ll put my efforts into making university life for our students the most fruitful, fun and fulfilling experience I can. I am determined, committed and will always endeavour to get the best results possible for YOU.

What I Want To

1. Achieve the Greater and more frequent recognition of student achievements, such as by implementing awards like club/society of the month.

2. Ensure that all three campuses represented by the 'SSP' (Streatham Campus, St Luke's Campus and Penryn Campus) are represented equally. I will spend time at all campuses in order to assemble the points of view of all student parties.

3. To increase student feedback in order to provide a service more tailored to what students want, through drop-in sessions, suggestion boxes, email surveys and face-to-face contact.

4. To increase Postgraduate, International, Mature, Culture interaction, Gender equality and LGBT student participation and awareness.

5. To do so I will improve communications between those student bodies and the union. I hope to set up open forums, working groups and awareness mechanisms to support them.

6. To increase women's power and influence, including setting women's programs and community & specific support for women victim.


 Why Vote For Me

I already have a wealth of experience of working for the union, and I have your interests at heart. With your voices behind me, I can use the knowledge I have gained from the workings (PGT Education subject chair) of the Guild to best represent and implement your ideas. So if you like what I hope to achieve, I would be most appreciative of your support!

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