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Arlen Veysey

Arlen for AU. Arlen for All. Positivity, Ethics, and Community.

Hi, I'm Arlen. As an ex-triathlete, international fencer, and coach, I am dedicated to the idea of positivity in sport. I want to address the issue of student participation in sport; getting people involved and loving all our sports. Secondly, I want to address the issue of our ethics as a university with sport; increasing environmental efficiency, as well as improving diversity and inclusion. I also I want to build on our current relationships between clubs internally, as well as engaging with the local community to make the most of our sporting talent. Below I have gone into detail with my points, so enjoy!

  1. 1. Love Sport -
  • I want to get more students involved with sport and loving it. Sport is wonderful in so many ways: mental health, physical health, and making friends with all the amazing people here at Exeter.
  • One way to do this is to make refreshers a proper event similarly to freshers week, if it is feasible. It all starts with us giving each other the opportunity to develop ourselves, and getting involved in sport is the best and most enjoyable way!
  • I will try to provide clubs with a comprehensive feedback questionnaire for their members to fill out regarding the impact of the Athletic Union and how they are doing both in a sporting and personal capacity (e.g. mental health).


  1. 2. Ethical Sport –
  •  I will aim to have the greenest sports freshers fair as possible. The university has declared a climate emergency so it’s time we come together as a sporting community to support this.  
  • I Intend to keep pushing for more diversity and inclusion in sport through cultivating this inclusive and welcoming community at Exeter.
  • I aim to always be open and welcoming to any student who wants to come and have a chat about any issues or positive feedback about their sporting experience at Exeter.


  1. 3. Community Sport –  
  • I will aim to help clubs build links between their students and the local community. Our local, regional, and national sporting communities are putting in so much work to develop sport, we should be on the forefront with them helping.
  • Work with sports to help develop themselves by engaging with their NGB, local and regional communities.
  • Promoting our positive ethics and attitudes as a university will be key in building long lasting community relationships.
  • Help ourselves by helping others. The best example of this is developing coaching skills. Personally I have had the opportunity to go out to one of the local fencing clubs and help them with coaching, which was an amazing experience which helped both of our skills improve as well as building a positive relationship.
  • I would like to develop more links between all sports. By increasing communication between clubs we can help each other create and seize opportunities which we may not have known about. Our community at Exeter is amazing, let’s keep cultivating this amazing positive experience.


  • Thank you for reading, and Vote Arlen for AU President!

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