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Candidate for the position of Guild President

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Javier Monroy Yepez

Happier with Javier

Why vote for me?

This new year and new decade, I want us to be filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination to enable us to fight the challenges we face.

Coming from Venezuela, I have seen how essential it is to restore and maintain democracy. How can we achieve this in the Guild? It’s simple: by having transparent, relatable and reliable leaders.

I know what it’s like to be underrepresented. Not only can I bring diversity of ideas and background into the highest student office, I can champion those who have been left behind. 

My experience as a Guild Shadow Councillor, and across five very different societies has shown that the Guild prioritises staff not students. They have cancelled society events over trivial concerns.

 I am approachable, caring and a good listener. My Guild and society responsibilities have taught me not to shy away from accountability; to organise accordingly and not let these duties overwhelm me.

What do I pledge to you?

These are my priorities:

  1. Increase student safety. Reports of sexual assault have tripled. Social media is filled with posts of people saying they feel unsafe on and around campus. People should not feel afraid at their University, especially when walking home at night.
    I will create a student patrol, where students can ask to be walked home, so that they feel comfortable and safe when walking at night. There will volunteer stations outside nightclubs to provide this. I will also install more lights on campus and ensure every path is lit.
  2. The restructuring of the Guild.  Not even those in the Guild can name its 11 councils. Can you? We need a simpler structure where students know what exists and what its purpose is. 
  3. Review of society finances. Committees are bound by arbitrary rules. Societies should be trusted with their own bank account. Preventing the use of societies’ money is counter-intuitive and places a financial burden on students. They have to hope they get their money back. Additionally, the grant process, which only undergoes a two-minute consideration, should be expanded. Training will also be provided to avoid preventable mistakes.
  4. Recycling. In order to help the climate emergency, there will be more paper recycling bins, and more initiatives to reduce paper waste.
  5. Battle xenophobia and discrimination. I will put the number needed to report hate crimes on the back of the student ID. Additionally, to further Project 35, I will have more international events. Black History Month, Diwali and Chinese New Year are a good start, but we must increase cultural awareness. 
  6. Expansion of The Hardship and Retention Fund. The fund to help those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds is currently in a deplorable state and is unable to be advertised to those who need it. We can easily fix this through charity fundraisers and by using the surplus from society budgets. Education should not be a privilege but a right.
  7. Address student mental health. In response to deteriorating student mental health, the University has cut funding to the Wellbeing department. I would reverse this despicable trend.  

Vote for me - #HappierWithJavier

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