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Sunday Blake

My name is Sunday and I'm 'Here For All Students Every Day Of The Week' Check out my #EveryDayOfTheWeek campaign on Facebook @GuildPresidentSunday #TGISunday #HereForAllStudentsEveryDayOfTheWeek

For the past year I have fought from inside the Guild to make the student voice heard. I speak up when Guild decisions go against students’ interests (vetoing a £1k office refurb – arguing the money should be spent on students!). I speak up against the University (altering an £80million development to make it accessible). I’ve had direct input in altering policy (e.g. the new sexual misconduct policy) and highlighted students who fall through gaps (e.g. estranged students, sex workers). University council said the report I wrote was one of the most critical they’d ever read–but they liked it! Courageous honesty gets results.  

Read my achievements here.

Collaborative Leadership

  • Change the secretive, inaccessible culture of senior university management and hierarchical structure of The Guild. 


  • Communicate with the University on important issues through open letters so that all students are aware and understand the matters we are working on.


  • Byelaw: Student consultation on our affiliation with the NUS every 3-years so all students get a democratic say.


Leadership pledge details here.


A Better Funded Guild


  • Match Leeds Union’s per student funding, to address our chronic underfudning.

Funding pledges details here.



  • Preventative measures!


  • Byelaw: Welfare Officer for every society.


  • Lobby Exeter Council for better lighting.


  • Work with city clubs and Apple Taxis in Bystander Intervention for harassment and assault (Apple Taxi approved!)


  • ISVA for student reporting support 


  • Continue to work with BME Network on anti-racism


  • BME Practitioners in Wellbeing Centre


  • Address BME Attainment Gap


  • Reduce career anxiety with applicant fast-tracking software


          Wellbeing pledge details here



  • Work with the Law Clinic to provide students with better understanding and confidence in asserting legal tenants’ rights.


  • Provide legal backing on housing issues (withheld deposits, negligent landlords).


  • Press University to hold PBSAs to account when they fail to deliver on contracts, and for transparency with nominal fee agreements.


Housing pledge details here.


International Students


  • Multifaith prayer (and quiet space) facility


  • WeChat alongside all Guild communications.


  • ‘Visa Sponsors-Only’ Careers Fair, and competent understanding of the international job market


  • Better support for EU students during Brexit transition 


International student pledge details here. .



  • Family Study Spaces 


  • Continue to, as I have all year, push the University on accessibility in current project development plans.


  • Introduce 12-month parking permits for disabled students (opposed to having to reapply every 3 months).


  • Two-Tiered parking system for students with invisible illnesses



  • Rather than pledge an uninformed initiative I’ve imagined, I acknowledge that I am not an expert in climate science nor sustainability. Instead, sustainability will be a strategic core of my presidency. I will hold The University, and The Guild to account on their climate emergency promises.


Charity, Volunteering, and Societies


  • Centralised webpage and newsletter for all charity societies to promote collaboration.


  • Opt-out/in for Guild emails based on topic


Society, Sustainability, and Accessibility pledge details here..

University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 07217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ