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Candidate for the position of Guild Councillor (Democracy & Governance)

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Arden Foster-Spink

More accountable. More accessible. More democratic

The Student’s Guild is unresponsive and inaccessible to the needs of students. I am determined to change this.

As a second year with committee experience I know how difficult it is to communicate with the Guild. If student engagement is to increase the Guild needs to open doors, not close them. How can the Guild expect the student body to engage with them when they keep their decision making in the dark? It is no wonder students are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Guild. 

To address this: 

I will press Guild leaders to communicate more openly with societies and students.

I will make sure that when the Guild makes a decision the affected parties are informed immediately.

I will work to build a Guild that is accountable to the decisions they make.

Democratic engagement should be fun. Guild elections are our opportunity to select the students that we want, to deliver on the promises that they made, to better student life for us all. Unfortunately the Guild doesn’t make this clear enough: student turnout at elections is invariably low. Tackling this requires determination, persistence and a can-do attitude. I am confident that I have demonstrated each of these qualities: whether it was organising the biggest speaker event of 2019 Fresher’s Week, drafting policy to increase recycling rates, or managing a farm in rural Australia my breadth and volume of experience equips me well to deliver on the promises I have made to you.

I hope to leave you in no doubt that I will work tirelessly to make the Guild more accountable, more accessible, and more democratic to all.


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