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Candidate for the position of Fitness Societies Officer

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Samuel Leedham

Hi, I'm Sam, I'm a third year IR student and Muay Thai President.

I'm running to be your Fitness Societies Officer for two simple reasons.

Firstly, I want to increase the representation of fitness socs on campus by holding expo days were societies can run demos and tasters to try and encourage students to join in and have a go throughout the year rather than just during Freshers. This will have a twofold benefit in that not only will it help students who feel that they have missed out on an opportunity to join a soc for a year to then have the confidence to join up; but it will also help socieities to grow, invest more and continue to imrpove the quality of the sessions and socials they already offer.

Secondly, I wish to help societies that have existing interests or whose activities synergise well together to collaborate and put on events that will enrich the experience of everyone and allow more members of the wider student body to participate. I am currently helping to organise the annual MMA week with the Presidents and Club Captains of the other martial arts societies and clubs - events such as this not only benefit the societies participating by allowing them to showcase their sport, but also provide opportunities for members to mix in an environment they are all familiar with: encouraging cross society friendships that help to encourage future collaborations.

I will be an able representative for the fitness societies and will be receptive to feedback from societies or from other students, and will do my best to make sure action is taken in response to it. I have an exemplary track record of listening to and implementing feedback. Last year as Training Secretary for the Muay Thai Society I sent out half-termly feedback forms to assess the work I and my fellow committee members were doing, and then ensured I responded to it positively by changing aspects of sessions or spending more time explaining technique.


So please, vote for me for Fitness Societies Officer.

If you want to see your society grow; if you want to see amazing collaborative events; if you want to know that your voice is being heard and your opinions count.. then vote Sam Leedham

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