Exam Advice

Exam advice, from the revision period to the exam day <br>And a friendly reminder: Do not bring your phone!

Exam advice, from the revision period to the exam day
And a friendly reminder: Do not bring your phone!

  • The best place for your phone on exam day is at home. Leave it behind and then you can be totally sure you won’t take it into the exam hall by accident.
  • You could give it to a friend to look after during your exam or keep it safe in a Forum locker (keys available from the library).
  • If your phone is in your bag, it must be switched off. Don’t forget to turn alarms off as well.
  • If you realise you have your phone in your pocket, you can hand it to an invigilator before the exam starts. It will be kept safe with your name on it and only handed out when you show your UniCard.
  • But it is better to leave your phone at home and be certain that you won’t accidentally take it into the exam.
Make sure you take breaks between study – do some exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water. It is often productive to study with friends and colleagues – support and help each other!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to campus and find the right room.
  • Make sure you have had something to eat and drink and go to the toilet.
  • Wash your hands. Any writing on your hands constitutes taking prohibited notes into the exam hall.
  • Check carefully what equipment you are permitted to take into your exam and bring only these things with you. Don’t take any notes in with you and empty your pockets.
  • Always take spare pens with you and make sure they work before you start.
  • Think about wearing thin layers that you can remove if you get too hot. You will be able to concentrate better if you are comfortable.
Do not start writing until you are told to by the invigilator, and stop writing when the invigilator says to. Do not use correction fluid or tapes. Do not bring smart watches, or other such electronics into the exam
If you are having stress-related issues, or have questions about mitigation, please come and see us in the Advice Unit, or contact advice@exeterguild.com our information is available at exeterguild.com/advice.

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