Exam Advice

Exam advice, from the revision period to the exam day <br>And a friendly reminder: Do not bring your phone!

Exam advice, from the revision period to the exam day
And a friendly reminder: Do not bring your phone!

We understand that during the stress of exams there can be a lot to focus on. To ensure that you are not accidently committing an exam misconduct offence, regulations will be read out at the start of each exam, however please see the following guidance to further assist you during this time.



  • Mobile phones/ smart devices (on or off)- Remember to remove these from your pockets and keep these in your bag, hand them in or do not bring them to the exam hall.
  • Any written notes anywhere (including on paper, on skin, or in pencil case)
  • Turning over the question paper before you are told
  • Starting writing early or not stopping when told
  • Using any kind of correction fluid or tape

If you are found to have done any of these things it will be treated as if you had cheated. 


If you have been informed there is an allegation of exam misconduct against you then please contact the Students’ Guild Advice Unit for advice. There are a number of options for you to consider when you are responding to the allegation which can have an impact on the penalty applied. If you wish our Advisors can check your draft statement for clarity and suggest any changes before you send it back to the university.


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