There may be certain circumstances in which you feel the need to make a complaint.

There may be certain circumstances in which you feel the need to make a complaint.

We hope that your time at University will be a positive one, however on occasion you may experience situations that do not go as you would like. You may wish to consider what options are available to you and what action you would like to take. The Advice Team can assist you in exploring your options and supporting you through whichever procedure best suits your situation.

Our advisors are all Dignity and Respect Advisors, part of a network of members of staff from across the University who have volunteered and are trained to undertake the role. They provide a confidential and informal service for anyone involved in cases of harassment or bullying (including those facing allegations about their behaviour). Advisors can listen, talk through the options available and, if appropriate signpost to other sources of support and advice.

Informal resolution

Where appropriate complaints should be attempted to be resolved informally. This could be by talking directly to the college or individual or using the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC). The SSLC ensures good communication between staff and students enabling their views and suggestions to be received and acted upon. Therefore, if you have a concern or an idea your SSLC rep for your course is a good point of contact to try and resolve your complaint informally. The SSLC is not all about problems and issues. Reps will be invited to suggest ideas for enhancement and improvement.

Formal resolution

If you feel that you have been unable to resolve this issue informally and you would like to make a formal complaint you will need to read and follow guidance in the Complaints Procedure. You will find this on the University's web pages at:

Please read through the procedure and if you believe you have grounds to raise a complaint as per those stated in the procedure then you can draft a statement and one of our advisors will look through it before you submit it. In writing a complaint it is useful to clearly state what the nature of the complaint is, a timeline of events relating to the complaint, action already taken to try and resolve the matter, include evidence and finally your desired outcome. Please remember that any complaint needs to be submitted within the advised deadline in relation to the issue with which you are dissatisfied. If you would like support at a meeting, please note that we cannot represent you, and have no automatic rights to speak, but can be there to help you ensure you are treated fairly and are given the opportunity to make your case and explain your desired outcomes.

The University of Exeter is committed to being an inclusive community, where everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Harassment, bullying, intimidation and discrimination go against what the University stands for. If you do not feel that you would like to make a formal complaint, there are ways to report concerns informally and anonymously.

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