Committee Agreement

Student Committee agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to outline the responsibilities of the Students’ Guild and the Activities Team and your responsibilities as a committee member.  By completing this agreement, you are accepting your responsibility as a committee member and agreeing to comply with Guild rules and procedures. 

Our Responsibilities 

  • Provide comprehensive training to enable you to run your committee effectively. This includes but is not limited to event planning, GDPR, finances, Elections, leadership, and welfare. 
  • Provide One-to-one help, information and resources to aid your committee role 
  • Make your voice heard through the representation structure 
  • Keep your group money safe and secure within Guild accounts and support you in understanding taxes and other financial regulations.
  • Support your committee in risk-assessing activities to ensure you are providing safe events for your members. 
  • Offer access to termly Guild grant funding. 
  • Offer access to Guild communication channels - web space, email lists, student media, poster boards and social media. 
  • Offer free access to bookable Guild spaces and University rooms.
  • Celebrate your society and your committee’s achievements through Guild Awards and Society Shout Out
  • Support you as individuals by combining student activity experiences with personal development and employability. 
  • Facilitate a collaborative environment of over 300 societies, where you can share experiences and ideas with fellow students. 
  • Support and advise your committee about conflict resolution, welfare concerns, and any incidents which may arise during society activity. 
  • Be available Monday to Friday 9-5pm (excluding bank holidays and closure days) to provide you with support in running your society.  
  • Provide different services to collect and store members' information in compliance with GDPR legislation including: Online membership sign-ups; Mailing Lists; Society Inbox; Cloud storage (Your society OneNote); Ticket and product sales with customisations; Event sign-up lists.
  • Respond to queries and concerns within 5 working days.
  • Provide support for committee elections through an online election system and counting and verifying of results in addition to guidance and support for handovers.
  • Provide regular updates and communications weekly to ensure groups are informed of changes, opportunities and developments.
  • Treat everyone fairly, regardless of sex, race, gender reassignment, disability, race, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation. 
  • Provide opportunities for your group to attract new members during Freshers’ Week including a stall at Freshers’ Fair, advertising on our Freshers’ Hub and more.  


Your Responsibilities  

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone and reach out and support your members throughout the year. 
  • Treat everyone fairly, regardless of sex, race, gender reassignment, disability, race, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation.  
  • Offer reasonable adjustments to ensure your events are accessible and inclusive to all and clearly advertise these in advance, considering, for example, financial, religious and accessibility barriers to engagement.  
  • Provide value for money to members. 
  • Be accountable for your group, including keeping detailed financial records, responding to correspondence, submitting events on time and following Students’ Guild processes. 
  • Comply with GDPR data protection legislation when processing any form of personal information, ensuring that data is only processed using the tools provided to groups. If you do lose personal data, have unauthorised access to personal data or suspect that this has happened, you must let the Guild know within 24 hours by contacting
  • Not apply peer pressure, promote or advertise drinking culture to other individuals in any situation, and not carry out initiation ceremonies, binge drinking, drinking games or forced drinking activities at group events. This includes a limit of 5 venues on a pub crawl type event and provision of no more than half a bottle of wine (or equivalent) per person at any event.
  • Designate at least two committee members as leads at events. These leads must remain sober and be contactable during your events.   
  • Ensure events are not held at a private residence as not to breach Guild Insurance, tenancy agreements and potentially fire regulations 
  • Run events in line with the group's aims and objectives 
  • Ensure events are approved before spending money on an event. 
  • Ensure membership money is not used to provide benefits or rewards specific to committee members.
  • Complete a financial report at the end of year which is available to members at your AGM.  
  • Ensure all income and expenditure goes through your group account.   
  • Hold a fair democratic election using the Guild online election system each year to elect an incoming committee. 

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