Condemn ISIS

Condemn ISIS - Policy from a Student Idea

The Students’ Guild Should vote to condemn ISIS

Statement from the Student Idea

In October the NUS voted to reject a motion condemning ISIS, on grounds that such a motion would be "Islamophobic."

ISIS is an organisation which systematically exterminates those who do not support its ideology, and which radicalises young western Muslims to leave their families to commit murder overseas.

It is one of the greatest threats the civilised world has faced in recent years. This motion is in no way designed to be Islamophobic, nor to condemn, demean or belittle the Islamic faith or its followers in any way; rather it condemns an organisation which promotes a perversion of that faith and which gives a bad name to all Muslims.

If the actions of ISIS do not merit condemnation, then surely there is no organisation in the world which does.


Following the NUS National Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday 3 December 2014, where a motion was passed on working with Kurdish nationals and students, and an amendment made to condemn ISIS and other related matters...

The Guild hereby adopts the relevant wording of the amendment:

  • To express our solidarity with the Kurdish people and their struggle in the region.
  • To condemn ISIS, and the atrocities it commits.
  • To challenge Islamophobia and all forms of racism being whipped up. 

Policy Duration

  • Policy Approval date: 4 December 2014.
  • Policy lapse: Handover Council 27 April 2016.


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