Guild Policy

All the policies, codes and guidance to the Constitution in one place.

All the policies, codes and guidance to the Constitution in one place.

The Guild Constitution and Bylaws are currently under review, for more information please check here

This section of the website is the regulatory information for the Students' Guild.

1. An explanation of the Constitution.

2. The Bylaws

  • The Democratic Policy Bylaw is where new student policy is added - any student can submit a Student Idea to create policy.
  • The Operational Policy Bylaw is for the creation of codes around professional standards of the Guild as an organisation.
  • The Legal Compliance Bylaw sets out how the Guild upholds the Equality and Education Acts that apply to the provision of services to our student members.
  • The Officers' Code of Conduct is the part of our Bylaws controlled directly by the Sabbatical Officers, and sets out the standards required of elected student representatives, and the current complaints and disciplinary procedures.

3. Other Rules and Codes

  • The Election Rules are separate to the Bylaws and Code of Conduct, but are codified here for clarity.
  • The rules and information for Student Ideas are separate and contained within that system.
  • The rules and procedures for Guild Council (They Represent You) are a part of the operation of the Bylaws, set out separately for clarity.

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