Vice-President Welfare and Diversity Wins 2017-8

Reusable cups

Since the launch of the KeepCup campaign, there has been a reduction of over 63,000 paper cups this year. This is a huge win and something that 'Give up your paper cup' and all the students and staff who have started using reusable cups should be really proud of.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Kat successfully secured free MHFA training for students and staff worth over £10,000. The key Guild staff have received training already and volunteers of Nightline and Welcome Team will also be receiving training as well as other students and staff who could benefit from it.

Mental Health Month

Successfully ran the first mental health month on campus. It was run in collaboration with the AU which meant that even more students were reached. There were lots of events ranging from stress-buster tennis to yoga to coffee shop crawls to mindfulness colouring. There were #HearMeOut posts which shared the stories of students on campus and helpful tips. In the final week, the tree received hundreds of notes of courage and encouragement to students and the closing night involved students from lots of different areas bringing spoken word and music. 

Interfaith prayer space

After years of pressure on the University and £500,000-600,000 has been secured to build this new space. Planning has taken place and building work should be done by the end of 2018, ready for students to use. 

University to act as a guarantor for International students

The University will now act as a guarantor for international students who cannot pay Rent in Advance/have a UK-based guarantor. This is a huge step forward and hopefully will be extended to include estranged students, care-givers and other minority groups in the future.

Kat has worked hard all year to keep the student voice central to the University of Exeter experience and has served a brilliant term in office.

Thank you, Kat!

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