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Current work, aims and objectives


Reading lists

Create recommended reading lists which will be compiled by previous Masters students.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Reading lists I am looking into with the forum - it is still undecided if it should go through the Guild website or ELE but I am pushing it toward ELE. 

  • March 2018: Reading Lists have been updated on all of the PGT ELE pages with the ELE comments made available for students to add their own.



Online forum

Ensure that Taught Masters students voices are heard: make an online forum for Taught Masters students where they can raise any issues and share any ideas for improving their courses.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • The main manifesto point is the online forum which is basically a platform for PGT students to be signposted to various pages. The PGT HUMS one is the page we will use for best practice which we created over the summer. The link for this is here: The online forum will be created by a GBP, Jamie Horsley and I have managed to secure a GBP allocation for 3 months commencing in January, we will be running the interviews shortly. Here is the link to the career zone job description we are advertising for:

  • March 2018: The website will be going live in May at the latest. We are currently editing and adding content so events and links can be made available to the students.


Create a timetable displaying when and where the weekly undergraduate lectures are taking place so Masters students are also able to attend if they wish.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • MArch 2018: I have been in contact with the university and they have said that although students are welcome to attend the lectures they will also be making the lectures available online for anyone with an ELE log in.
Welcome packs

Creation of a course specific welcome pack for the Taught Masters students, containing the course curriculum and deadlines, so that students can plan around crucial dates. Ensure that students are clear on the demands of their respective courses, allowing them the time to plan in advance for interviews and PhD admission deadlines.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • I will look into welcome packs for next term. But they will be more along the lines of the PGR welcome packs from last year.

Mental health

Improve access to mental health services for Masters students on campus, following the PTES feedback.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Mental health is a SABB initiative for all of us, however we have started the Yoga classes on a weekly basis with match funding from the Doctoral College, it has been a success so far with a packed room!

  • I hold regular drop in sessions and appointments with students on Tuesdays, at both St Lukes and Stretham. 

  • I have also secured money to go towards three 'coffee and cake' meetings with the Postgraduate Society for discussion around mental health and coping techniques. 

Diversity in research

Ensure the University maintains its diversity in research, so that students have greater opportunity to develop original research.

  • This is one which I cannot promise in hindsight however by publicizing the postgraduate conferences and making students aware of the research available it has been partially done through the PG student body.


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VP Postgradutes Taught Role Description


  • The Vice President Postgraduates Taught is responsible for representing the views and needs of the postgraduate taught student community to the Guild, with a particular focus on well-being, welfare and academic interests of the postgraduate taught student community.




Lead on the Postgraduate Taught Experience

Lead on, and champion, the experience of Postgraduate Taught students at the University of Exeter, striving to ensure that the University and the Students' Guild are inclusive and mindful of the needs and experiences of Postgraduate Taught students. Critically holds the University to account on all matters pertaining to students on Postgraduate Taught programmes.

  • Represents issues facing postgraduate taught students at Exeter, and encourages the participation of these students in the work of the Guild and the life of the University.
  • Ensures that the Guild is effective in its representation of postgraduate taught students within the University and that the organisation is sensitive to the needs of the whole postgraduate community.
  • Provides guidance on the Guild's communication methods, ensuring that all relevant information about activities, support and commercial services is effectively communicated.
  • Provides support for the full-time Guild Officers in representing postgraduate taught student needs, and where necessary, attends relevant University and Guild meetings.




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