Daily Exam Tips

Saturday: Last day, time to celebrate!

Final day, it’s almost over – best of luck to those of you sitting exams today, and well done to all of you who have completed your own already this week! We hope you all manage to find some time to celebrate, and enjoy your first week back on Monday, where we kick off term 2 with Refreshers’ Week! #TheRozAndWozStory

Friday: Blankets in the Library

Well done to everyone with exams and deadlines to go! Sitting still and studying for long periods of time and be uncomfortable and chilly… jazz up your revision by trying out the new study blankets in Giraffe House, St Luke’s campus! #TheWozAndRozStory

Thursday: Studyzone 

warren and roseThere are a number of ways in which you can seek support for your exams, one of which is the Study Zone (http://bit.ly/2H1ijn8), located in the Forum next to the Career Zone or online. Here you can book 1:1 appointments and attend writing cafés that help you improve academic skills (e.g. revision). Also, remember you can make use of your department’s office hours, and email your module convenors for advice too. Keep going if you still have exams left, you’re almost there! #TheRozAndWozStory

Wednesday: Mitigation

It is not uncommon to face exceptional circumstances which are beyond your control, and can have a big impact on your ability to study or perform an exam. You can apply for mitigation either before or up to 24 hours after an exam or deadline here: http://bit.ly/2Rhh6wG. Make sure you visit the Guild’s Advice service or your college hub if you need any additional support! #TheWozAndRozStory

Tuesday: Eat and drink healthily

During long revision sessions, it can be quite easy to neglect yourself and your body, which can make you tired and reduce your motivation. It is therefore important that you eat and drink healthily throughout the week, so that you remain alert and are able to tackle your studying and exams successfully – grab some fruit from the Guild Shop or tuck in to one of our delicious Comida wraps! And drink water, plenty of water – stay hydrated! #TheRozAndWozStory

Monday: Sleep

S L E E P: A good night’s sleep can actually improve productivity and performance. Having a healthy sleep routine of roughly 8 hours will help you throughout the week! #TheWozAndRozStory 2/2

Sunday: Be wary of those around you
Today’s tip is to be wary of those around you – take the time to talk to your friends if you’re feeling stressed or down, and be there for others if they are feeling the same. Studying for exams can be draining, so talking to someone can help to relieve some of that stress; take regular study breaks, and maybe go for a walk together – there are some peaceful spots around campus! Also, whether you have exams or deadlines this week or not, respect others’ need for quiet revision and study time/space. Best of luck to everyone, and stay tuned for more tips throughout the week! #TheRozAndWozStory

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