Vice President Postgraduates Research Wins 2017-18

Malaka Shwaikh - VP Research Postgraduates 2017/18

1. Free yoga classes

PG Wellbeing was a top priority for Malaka this year which is why she secured funding from the Doctoral College to organise and run free yoga sessions weekly available for all PGs.

2. PG Committee

Malaka set-up and attends a new PGR Executive Committee which ensures all corners of campus are involved in PG matters and provides ambassadors for students to relate to. They meet on the last Monday of every month at 12:00pm in DH1.

3. PGR Hub

This year there is a new PGR hub to share PGR news, signpost PGR students towards the work of the doctoral college, events, and other welfare and academic data.

4. Social Inclusion

Malaka has worked with the postgraduate society to organise tea and cake mornings, open space for all PG students to come together, network, raise concerns, and beyond.

5. Multi-Faith Prayer

Malaka has worked closely with other sabbs to continue the bid for a multi-faith prayer space, a great achievement that will transform the lives of students of faith and none.

Thank you, Malaka!

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