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Current work, aims and objectives


Free Yoga Sessions throughout the year

Weekly Free Yoga: With funding from both the Doctoral College and the Students’ Guild, both the VP for PGR and PGT students will run weekly free yoga sessions for postgraduate students.

  • Events can be accessed here 
Events calendar

Lobby the University for an improved central calendar of events and conferences for easy filtering and notification. I will work on a regular programme of activities: events, socials, trips, courses, welfare drop-in, and more, to establish networking between all PGR students and ensure they have the most productive experience.

  • August 2017: A PGR virtual hub (can be accessed here The PGR Hub: This is a virtual space to discuss all things PGR-related. It is a safe hub to share ideas, ask questions, find relevant details, and hold me to account. A monthly blog update will be posted to tell PGRs what I have been up to in a post that allows you to comment and share your thoughts on any of my progress or setback. I will post regular updates and events that take place around campus, with a specific section to signpost PGRs to important facilities around campus.
Postgraduate Committee

Create a Postgraduate Committee, made up of elected students, to reach out and accomplish these policy aims. This committee will ensure all corners of campus are involved and will provide ambassadors for students to relate to.

  • A PGR committee was created. The first meeting was in 30 October 2017. Meeting is last Monday of every month at 12:00 pm in DH1 (just outside the Sabb office).


PGR-led welcome events

Plan PGR-led welcome event(s) during Freshers Week and at the end of each semester to integrate the postgraduate community into the Guild body from the first day.

  • This year I have worked closely with the PG society. The highlight has been more PGR students involved in their activities, this year, over twice as many new members joined as the year before. Lots of potential to do exciting things this year with hundreds of postgraduate students engaged in the society activities and in the Guild.
Fair pay

Make sure that PGR teachers are paid fairly and not used as cheap labour by departments, lobbying the University to improve support, pay and conditions to make sure PGR teachers are paid fairly for the work they do.

  • Relevant issues have been raised with the doctoral college.
PGR drop-ins

Hold regular drop-in sessions for PGR teachers to ensure all their concerns are taken into consideration and brought before the University and the Guild.

  • August 2017: No progress
Improve teaching conditions

Improve PGR teaching conditions – this doesn’t only improve university life for PGRs but also helps in improving the life of undergraduates by improving the quality of teaching they receive.

  • August 2017: No progress
PGR funding

Work with the University and the National Union of Students to establish a national government loan system and makes it available for anyone in need. Lobby the University to increase its investments in PGR funding – more scholarships and bursaries.

  • August 2017: No progress
Social Inclusion

Weekly coffee drop-ins should happen during vacations. More events that start nearer to 6pm that accommodate our needs. Lobby for events tailored to suit student parents. Push for more Postgraduate specific events and a Postgraduate sports Committee.

  • Planning for an inclusive research week is ongoing. More in here:
Library resources

There is not enough availability of core texts, short-loan books and e-journals in the library. I pledge to lobby the University to increase funding for the library and use the SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) system to make the relevant library staff aware of the demand.

  • January 2018: working with the doctoral college to tackle this.
Networking and symposiums

The library is currently not being utilised in the best way. It could be used for more inter-departmental networking and symposiums, which bring students together to collaborate and share research ideas.

  • The Research Weeks: Preparation for the Doctoral College’s research weeks is ongoing. This year (unlike the previous year) we will have two weeks instead of one, and we will not only have a research showcase in the Forum, but I will be organising more research-focused training and other talks and seminars to do with the PhD experience. More here:
Study Space

Lobby the University to build or provide a PG Hub, open at all times. This should include a study space and a space for student-led conferences, symposiums and events. Beyond availability, there is a serious shortage of core textbooks in the library – I will lobby the University to have these books in the Hub roofs.

  • In conversation with the University to investigate the requirements of the PGR community with regards to research/study spaces
Tailored careers service

We need more relevant and diverse employers and not just the typical Graduate placements. Postgraduate careers services need to address those who do not want to go into academia whilst acknowledging their qualifications.

  • In progress. I am working with the Doctoral College and the Careers Zone to have “an alumni-event” in which Exeter alumni are invited to connect with current Exeter students, and take about future opportunities. In addition to this event, there will be another event with more academic-focused event in which some Exeter researchers will be speaking with PhD students about academic prospects for the future.
International Students and visas

Ensure full integration of international students into the Students’ Guild and provide advice on changes to the student visa system.

  • August 2017: No progress


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VP Postgradutes Research Role Description


  • The Vice President Postgraduates Research is responsible for representing the views and needs of the postgraduate research student community to the Guild, with a particular focus on well-being, welfare and academic interests of the research student community.




Lead on the Postgraduate Research Experience

Lead on, and champion, the experience of Postgraduate Research students at the University of Exeter, striving to ensure that the University and the Students' Guild are inclusive and mindful of the needs and experiences of Postgraduate Research students. Critically holds the University to account on all matters of Postgraduate Research.

  • Represents issues facing postgraduate research students at Exeter, and encourages the participation of these students in the work of the Guild and the life of the University.
  • Ensures that the Guild is effective in its representation of postgraduate research students within the University and that the organisation is sensitive to the needs of the whole postgraduate community.
  • Provides guidance on the Guild's communication methods, ensuring that all relevant information about activities, support and commercial services is effectively communicated.
  • Provides support for the full-time Guild Officers in representing postgraduate research student needs, and where necessary, attends relevant University and Guild meetings.




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