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Supporting Nightline

Lobby for Nightline volunteers to get breakfast at university halls

  • August 2017: Completed for this year, with the funding secured through an annual fund bid. Looking to secure this as permanent support for future years. Will be working on this with Becca, VP Activities. 
  • December 2017: No progress.
  • January 2018: Had 1:1s with Committee and secured £1500 recurring for the next 5 years.


Increase support from A&V

Appointment of a figurehead who is in personal contact with students and student-led groups to handle queries related to society finances.

  • Aug 2017: Discussions ongoing with Guild Finance Team to have staff on A&V desk 2-3 days a week
  • Working with VP Activities on better training for students for using the Exechequer app and adding a ‘How To’ guide onto the A&V pages.  
  • Dec 2017: Working with VP Activities on 'How to' guides to simplify the use of systems for society representatives
Mental health stigma

Reduce stigma around mental health and offer support through stress relief workshops!

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: VP Welfare & Diversity leading on stress relief workshops. Looking to update WiD to include a further diverse stock of resources.
International Student Support

Offering translations of key-information (housing, mental health and wellbeing) from the Guild to make it more accessible.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: No progress
  • January 2018: Funding secured, project planning underway
Study spaces

Promotion of existent study spaces through grab and go food and coffee outlets like subway near Harrison and Amory Building!

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Café open [serves barista made hot drinks, smoothies, cakes, soup, pies, pasties, noodles and hot pots, as well as a breakfast range to ‘grab and go’ including, bacon baps, porridge and granola pots, and paninis.] in Harrison and pushing for the same in Amory.
Student Ideas

Improve Student Ideas’ game design. Guild points for engagement! Putting up response counters around campus, especially food outlets so that students can vote on Student Ideas.

  • August 2017: Looking into Snapfilters to be placed in Guild outlets that link to current Student Ideas
  • December 2017: Looking to design and publicise snapfilters for Student Ideas
  • January 2018: Discussed with Comms, to be done by the end of March
Increase student engagement

Increase student engagement in the Guild through emphasis on the fact that engagement with the Guild would count as transferable skills and facilitate employability.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: Promoted during Sabb shadowing but looking to push this further through the new Head of Membership Services and Development.
Safe and inclusive Exeter

Making Exeter a safe and inclusive community through inclusivity campaigns like #WeAreAllExeter

  • August 2017: #WeAreAllExeter campaign is scheduled for term two
  • December 2017: #WeAreAllExeter in Feb, #NeverOk successfully launched.
More microwaves

More microwaves, hot taps and kettles around campus, especially in study spaces open till late.

  • August 2017: New microwave in Washington Singer, updates (with pictures) detailing location soon!
  • WSL + Harrison Engine room now in use for microwaves, pushing for the same on St. Luke’s campus.
Guild Food

Assessing and improving menus and student deals in the Grove/Ram. Lobby for a ‘different specials each fortnightly’ scenario.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Menus improved in Ram, specials are on weekly.
Healthy eating

More healthy drinks in the meal deals.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Liaising with NUS on improving the meal deal to include healthier drinks. Managed to secure a vegan meal deal.
Discounts with Guild Points

Use your Guild Points towards discounts at Guild outlets.

  • August 2017: Guild Points relaunched
  • September 2017: Relaunched and functioning, promotion schemes like double points to follow
  • January 2018: Promotion for Guild points launches, pamphlets providing information at all Guild outlets
Off-campus study space

Promoting study spaces off-campus like Devon and Exeter Institute

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Dec 2017: Continuing the study spot project and working with the commercial dept to secure deals for students in our verified student study spots.
A&V Room Bookings

Simplicity of design and access for room bookings.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: Working with VP Activities to simplify systems.
Society committee training

Training days for incoming society committees to make them aware of procedures regarding risk assessments, reimbursement and other events related aspects. Making it further accessible through using more pictures, less words.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Discussing with staff and supporting VP activities with the addition of interactive ‘How To’ videos and guides
  • December 2017: No progress
  • January 2018: Looking to fund diversity training at upcoming Student Leaders' Conference
Promote wellbeing services

Promoting the services provided by the Students' Guild Advice Unit and the Wellbeing Centre. Emphasising these as safe and confidential spaces.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: Promoted these services during the #NeverOk campaign and online
Clarifying mitigation procedures

Providing clarity on the criteria, application process and deadlines associated with mitigation.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Working with VP and DVC Education on securing resource to establish a simple access to mitigation on the iExeter app.
  • December 2017: No progress
Stress relief workshops

Stress relief workshops and events on campus not just during exam season but also during high deadline season (coffee deals, bouncy castle!)

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Planning stages for bouncy castle on campus
St. Luke's drop-in

Have and promote weekly Drop-In Days at St. Luke’s

  • August 2017: Drop-in days have been set up, dates and location to be announced soon
  • December 2017: Weekly Drop-ins from all sabbs continue. Held the first St. Luke’s leaders group on 12th oct, problems collated and discussions for solutions underway.
St. Luke's Societies & Subject Reps

Fortnightly meetings with guild and society representatives on St. Luke’s campus.

  • August 2017: St. Luke's Leaders Group has been set up, will be once a month. Dates and location will be announced soon.
  • Meeting and liaising at St. Luke’s Leaders Group
International Students

Regular check in and follow up with International Students' representatives.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Attending ISC meetings fortnightly and having 1:1s with DVP International as and when needed. Supporting ISC with events and budgets.
Postgraduate Society

Constant contact with Postgraduate Society as it is often the primary point of contact.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017: Supporting with issues when needed
Postgraduate Vice-Presidents

Support incoming VP Taught Postgraduates and VP Research Postgraduates in their roles and devise ways to increase postgraduate student engagement.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • December 2017:Updated the PG admissions gateway and supporting Malaka with changing the e-claims system. 
Career Zone appointments

Lobby for an online booking system for Career Zone appointments.

  • August 2017: Discussions are ongoing with the Career Zone
  • December 2017: No progress
AU and Guild collaboration

Facilitate bookings for Guild’s sport related events.

  • August 2017: Memorandum of Understanding between the Athletic Union and the Students' Guild has been updated for the Guild to provide this service.
  • December 2017: AU and Guild collaborating on #HearMeOut. Helping promote the AU's 'This Girl Can' campaign.
National Union of Students

Representing the student voices of Exeter at a national level by participating in more conferences and spreading awareness about NUS

  • August 2017: In early December, NUS VP (Higher Education) Amatey Doku and Exeter Vice-Chancellor Prof Sir Steve Smith will debate TEF and tuition fees. Final date and location to be announced.
  • Amatey and Sir Steve debate set for 4th Dec.
  • December 2017: NUS Debate was successful. Looking to arrange more visits from NUS reps in the future. In the process of training delgates for National Conference. 

Introducing career-focused modules from first year in all colleges across the university to get people prepared for and confident about their career choices.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • Module developed by the University and piloted on Penryn campus, to follow in Exeter next year [subject to feedback]


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Guild President Role Description


  • The Guild President is ultimately responsible for the leadership and direction of the Students' Guild, through their role as chair of Guild Management Committee, and the Trustee Board.
  • They are responsible for overseeing communication between the Guild and its members, as well as maintaining an overview of all Guild activities.




Lead the Students' Guild

Leads the Sabbatical Officer team, advocating for and on behalf of all Exeter students. Takes strategic and executive decisions and holds the Chief Executive to account through being Chair of Trustee Board. Represents all Exeter students to the University, the local community, and nationally.

  • Figurehead and leader of the Students' Guild;
  • Takes a student lead on representation & strategy;
  • Takes a student lead on Guild Commercial services;
  • Acts as the principal point of contact for student matters in the local community;
  • Oversees internal and external communications;
  • Ensures the student voice is heard with regards to developments on all of the University’s campuses;
  • Chairs Trustee Board (oversight body), and Guild Management Committee (executive decision making body);
  • Direct Sabbatical Officer support for DVP International.


Oversee Guild governance, finance and strategy

Trustee Board are responsible for the management and administration of the Guild and (subject to the Students’ Guild Memorandum & Articles and Bylaws) may exercise all the powers of the Guild as outlined in the Memorandum & Articles.

  • Ensure that the Guild complies with its governing documents, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations,
  • Ensure that the Guild pursues its charitable objects as defined in the Memorandum & Articles,
  • Ensure the Guild uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects: the charity must not spend money on activities which are not included in its own objects, no matter how worthwhile or charitable those activities are,
  • Actively contribute to the board of trustees' role in giving firm strategic direction to the Guild, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets,
  • Safeguard the good name and values of the Guild,
  • Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the Guild,
  • Ensure the financial stability of the Guild,
  • Protect and manage the property of the charity and to ensure the proper investment of the charity's funds,
  • Appoint the chief executive and monitor their performance.




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University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 7217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ