Guild President

Grace Frain


Who’s that girl?  

  • A third year Anthropology student  

  • I have been involved with many society committees including being President of Student Action for Refugees 2016-2017 winning a national award for the most fundraised across the country and being nominated for Society of the Year at the 2017 Guild Awards 

  • Kitchen staff at The Ram, ensuring your curly fries are always top quality and giving me insight into how Guild outlets function 

  • I have been an active member of numerous societies throughout my degree and involved in local projects in the community 

  • I am very passionate and dedicated to everything I do. I care deeply about improving as many aspects of student life to ensure the best experience for all 


  • Lobby the university to reduce quantity of timetabled 8:30s across schools  

  • Make it more consistent to record lectures and provide subtitles on recordings 

  • Lobby the university to review the January exam period and offer support to reduce stress for those with multiple exams  

  • Module Feedback: increase the time available for module feedback for the whole duration of the module and after mark feedbacks   

  • Review the support for students and make them more consistent throughout colleges: mentors, buddies, senior and personal tutor contacts, quantity of help classes around exams  


  • Promote the in-town study spaces through advertisements in DH1 and offers   

  • Explore introducing rentable laptop chargers on campus (Macs etc) for when you forget  


  • Continue work on the Amory food hub and Harrison  

  • Weekly veggie/vegan specials at the Ram and introduce a self-service salad bar to increase healthy and gluten free options 

  • Lobby the university to increase amount of Fairtrade products in retail outlets on campus 

  • Promote the project enabling food waste to go to shelters/homeless  

  • Make allergen lists and calorie counts for food outlets available online 


  • Ensure to maintain an open-door policy and schedule consistent drop in sessions for student with concerns or ideas to come to the Sabb Office  

  • Improvement of A+V: promote the new app to enable quicker processing of society invoices online and FAQ's  

  • Rework the room booking system  

  • Societies training:   

    • Welfare Training for all committee members covering Disability, Diversity and Sexual Abuse training  

    • Ensure training and important forms can be accessed online  

  • Continue work towards a permanent Interfaith prayer rooms  

  • Support student parents 

  • Engage with Postgraduate students to ensure their voice is heard in the guild and adequate changes are made to suit their needs 

  • Promote how guild points can be reinvested and used through deals  


  • Revise the mitigation process to provide clarity on process and online support 

  • Continue We Are All Exeter and Mental Health Month maintaining links between Guild and AU on campaigns  

  • Work towards the rebranding of campaigns to ensure their effectiveness  

  • Promote the Advice Unit drop-ins and online wellbeing directory for Mental Health support  

  • Revise and increase the Student Nightline budget, following on from securing funding for breakfasts 

  • Create more transparency between departments dealing with Mental Health issues to have a more holistic overview  

  • Make stress-relief events more regular: including animals on campus and nap rooms 

  • #MyExeter feed: demonstrating and celebrating the diverse experiences people have 

  • Lobby the marketplace to eradicate tampon tax in their outlets 

  • ‘Society of the Month’ awards/recognition for all the hard work and volunteering time put in  


  • Gain 'University of Sanctuary' status to promote Exeter as a welcome city to all, especially refugees and asylum seekers

  • Welcome packs in multiple languages covering housing and wellbeing 

  • Collaborate with DVP International to create a Culture and Diversity week: to promote the celebration of diversity and array of cultures with a fair during Diversity Week   


  • More paper and cardboard recycling   

  • Less single use plastic – eliminate straws and plastic cups   

  • Campaign week to raise awareness/challenge cutting out plastic   

  • Promote and Advertise the online Sustainability map


  • Lobby the university to include and promote more public-sector jobs at career fairs   

  • More accessible employability information online  


  • Promote open networks with other unions to share and build ideas  

  • Gain national recognition for Guild Successes  

  • Open talks and drop-ins on how to improvement standing on ‘student satisfaction’   


  • General parity between Streatham and St Lukes   

  • Links with Leaders Group

  • More events on St Lukes campus 

  • Microwave and Kettle in all study areas 

  • Introduce an A&V equivalent desk on campus to support societies  

University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 7217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ