DVP Equality

Patrick Hoyle is the DVP Equality for 2018-19

Patrick Hoyle is the DVP Equality for 2018-19

DVP Equality 2018-19 Patrick Hoyle

DVP Equality

Patrick Hoyle

DVP Equality is responsible for overseeing and assisting with the development of the Guild’s policies and activities in working towards equality and inclusivity in all its forms. They provide student scrutiny and oversight of the University’s equality goals and practices.


Equality Council

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VP Welfare and Diversity


Shadow Council

Equality Council

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Shadow Council

Role Description

The full role description in PDF format can be downloaded: here

Manifesto Progress


Work with the Athletic Union

  • Work with the Athletic Union to begin the process of tackling issues of equality, intersectionality and inclusivity education within the university sporting community.


Engage with student societies

  • Engage with student societies and subject departments to ensure the effective promotion of equality and intersectionality and their associated university resources within a larger portion of the subject experience.


Accessible student events on-campus

  • Implement a greater number of accessible student on-campus events designed to help increase equality, inclusivity and intersectionality; as well as helping ensure that the ‘SpeakOut’ platform is accessible, regularly updated and is consistently user friendly.


Launch a number of strong campaigns

  • Launch a number of strong campaigns, working with on-campus groups and outside charitable organisations, to dramatically heighten basic student awareness of equality, intersectionality and inclusivity within the student community; with a further effort to clearly publicise opportunities and advice for both those of minority communities and their allies.

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