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Liberation Council

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Liberation Council is one of the legislative bodies of student government.

It is responsible for liberation campaigns that represent the views and needs of marginalised students at Exeter, particularly noting those with multiple exclusions or intersecting oppressions.

Liberation Council undertakes liberation campaigns, operates the Wellbeing Information Directory, and ensures the Guild takes an intersectional approach.

The DVPs between them will cast 6 votes en bloc at Guild Council.

Media Diversified

In 2015/16 the Intersectionality Officer and Liberation Campaigns Council (now DVP Intersectionality and Liberation Council) collectively agreed that the Liberation Fund should be used to pay the annual subscription to Media Diversified. This is £100 per annum.

This allows the Guild access to articles by authors and academics and colour, so we can make these available to our students to decolonialise our campus and allow a wider range of opinions to flourish.

These materials will be available on the Guild site for all our members to read and reference, in order to assist in reducing the ‘white wall’ effect of a Russell Group University and push towards a greater range of opinion on campus.

Media Diversified can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where they are known as Writers of Colour.


These resources are only available to our members. Please log in to view

2016/17 Objectives

  • Harm, Abuse and Microaggression Reporting Service: RiD
  • Estranged and financial hardship representation and support
  • Work with ExeterAbility – improve resources for dyslexia etc.
  • Build a calendar of important events to promote Liberation
  • Work with Societies Executive to create an alternative fee structure for students who can’t afford society memberships
  • Self-care zine/welcome pack addition
  • Self-defence classes
  • Mental Health & Sport collaboration
  • Produce intersectionality/diversity training
  • Reduce AccessAbility appointment turnaround times

Safe Spaces

Our general guide to Safe Spaces is here. In addition to any guidelines you draw up, remember the following:-

  • Make sure that rules on who qualifies to enter the space are codified and clear before any event or meeting starts,
  • Making exceptions on a case-by-case basis shatters the agreements, when you have a particular agreement in place it can only be modified by agreement by all of the people who agreed it in the first place,
  • Do no use social media to arrange Safe Space events, since it is an unsafe space from the beginning - this has been proven on many (very public) occasions.

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