Vice-President Education

Warren Bingham-Roberts

#HoptotheTop - Achieve, connect, and experience more. #SabbitWarren!

Hi, my name’s Warren, and I’m running for the position of VP Education because I want everyone to feel as connected and enriched by their time at university as I have been. First and foremost, we’re all here for a degree, but university allows for the development of so many other skills and experiences, whether it’s by joining societies, volunteering, or other extra-curricular activities. This is something that could be incorporated a lot more into the academic experience, and so my manifesto is based on helping people feel more connected, offering more experiences, and ultimately, helping people to achieve and get more from their degree.

Who am I?

-Third year Psychology student

-Psychology Society President (Education Secretary last year)

-Psychology Subject Chair (second year rep last year)

-Academic & Employability Rep (Societies Executive)

-Exeter Student Volunteers Project Leader

-Welcome Team Leader (second year on Welcome Team)

And what will I do?

-STUDENT-STAFF SPORTS DAY/WEEKEND: there aren’t many opportunities for students and staff to come together informally, so in collaboration with the AU President, this would not only help continue the burgeoning relationship between the Guild and AU, but also offer the chance to bridge that student-staff divide

-EDUCATION/ARTS FESTIVAL/CONFERENCE: in a similar vain to TED talks or conferences, I would look to organise a day or weekend where various guest speakers could come in and speak/perform throughout the day on a range of subjects

-WELLBEING AROUND EXAMS: we’ve had guide dogs and donkeys, how about cats? Throughout exam periods I would look at opening up ‘Cat Cafes’ on campus, where people can de-stress with cats, coffee, biscuits etc.

-‘READING DAYS’: for those without a reading week, these could be spread out across the year, with certain days for employability, life skills training etc.

-TRANSPARENCY: ensure everything that comes from SSLC meetings is publicised and available to all students. This will also involve live-streaming, or at least recording SSLC meetings so that people are able to see what is actually being discussed, the reasons for why things are the way they are etc., which will go some way to closing the feedback loop

-‘REBRAND’ SSLC’s: ensure that people are actually aware of what the SSLC does, and encourage people to get involved with incentives, for example, such as standardise stash or Guild discounts for elected reps.

-ACADEMIC REPRESENTATION BALL: similar to the Societies Ball, organise one for all those involved in Academic Representation

-LIFE SKILLS WORKSHOPS: offer people the opportunity to gain skills that they may otherwise not be able to acquire from their degree alone

-GRADE TRACKER: install an app within iExeter with live, up-to-date results from coursework and exams (including previous years), that can be used to see where you’re at with regards your degree

-PEER MENTORING / SUPPORT: have a more standardised approach to peer mentoring in the way people can be matched up, offer Welcome Days for all departments where students and staff can interact from the start

-RESEARCH UNCOVERED: reimagine how this works, to maximise participation and outreach


I have many more ideas, all of which will be available throughout Sabb week across social media, so be sure to look out for them! You’ll also be able to find me on Forum Hill (/on campus somewhere), so please do come and have a chat so you can find out more about what I want to achieve!


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