Vice-President Activities Wins 2017-18

Becca Hanley - VP Activities 2017/18

1. A&V Systems Improved

Leadership hub created online with updated resource guides. Less bureaucracy and paperwork, looking at achieving the ability to submit provisional events with reminders for budget & risk assessment deadlines in future and general streamlining of processes and support across the board.  

2. Societies Ball Success

Worked closely with DVP Societies and the A&V team to continue the fantastic societies ball event.

3. Welcome Team Revamp

Led the feedback from Welcome Team and translated it into a huge revamp for this year's training day out and overall volunteer well-being and development.

4. Student Ideas Review

Drilled down on the processes and expectations surrounding Student Ideas throughout the year. Improved the communications by displaying Ideas on screen. Supported Large Idea campaigners and gave a huge push to the Gold ideas initiative and made sure we got some fruitful wins through the year such as changing laundry services to pay by card/app.

5. Society Discount at Reed Hall

Working with Event Exeter, Societies can now hold their events on campus at Reed Hall at a special discounted price of 25% off!

Thank you, Becca!

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