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Current work, aims and objectives


Subject Employabilty Reps

Employability Reps for every Student-Staff Liaison Committee and creating Employability College Executives to feed into the general Executive Committee.

  • August 2017: You can volunteer to be an Employability Rep for your Subject on the Guild Change Volunteer page. 
Society Hardship Fund

Improve the ease of access and publicity of the Society Hardship Fund.

  • August 2017: Exploring how much funds are available and looking to improve the current process.
  • January 2018: Publisiced through AccessAbility and Advice Unit. Now expanded to include help for events throughout the year.
Student Ideas

Utilise the DH1 screens for updates on Student Ideas.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • September 2017: To be shipped soon
  • January 2018: Done
Society funding resources

Create a Guild resource guide on how and where to get society and funding help.

  • August 2017: No progress.
  • January 2018: Leadership hub created online with updated resource guides.


Improve A&V

Less bureaucracy and paperwork, the ability to submit provisional events with reminders for budget & risk assessment deadlines, as well as a student staff member at St. Luke’s Campus.

  • August 2017: Discussions with Guild staff regarding the changes to risk assessments and budgets due to the recent Guild restructure.
  • August 2017: Waiting for Brand Co-ordinator to be in post before A&V student staff are employed at St. Luke’s.
  • September 2017: Reviewing Finance processes with Comms
  • September 2017: Feedback from Freshers’ Week is happening
  • January 2018: Leadership hub created online with updated resource guides.
Improve employability & networking

Improve employability and networking by creating an alumni network, introducing societies to relevant professionals and potentially increasing income via donations.

  • August 2017: Meeting with University Alumni Team on the 22 Aug 2017
  • September 2017: I am on SEAS (Student Employability and Academic Support) Management group and have raised these points with the university. Currently scheduled meetings with various professional services staff about individual improvements
  • September 2017: A Guild wide Alumni Relations plan is being formulated at Guild Management Committee (GMC)
  • September 2017: The Guild will now have a page on the Alumni Website
  • January 2018: Gained resource for a Guild network for alumni and promoted the GA team's ability to help find speakers to societies. Arts & Culture and Media networks are being trialled in the new year.
Societies Ball

Create a bigger better societies ball with society awards.

  • January 2018: Comms meeting this week.
Society space

Investigate improvements to the room booking system and ways to tackle the issue of a lack of society space.

  • August 2017: Undertaking space review in Kay House.
  • January 2018: an inventory has been taken of Cornwall House storage and more space has been created by removing items to DH1. 
Society & DH1 accessibility

Commit to improving disabled access to DH1 and provide resources for societies about how to make their events more accessible.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • September 2017: Tidying up the application and processes with A&V
  • September 2017: Promoting through specific channels in Guild and University
  • January 2018: Resource guide is being created in the new leadership hub
Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options

More vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options on campus, and desserts in the Ram.

  • August 2017: No progress, will be working with Kat, VP Welfare & Diversity
  • September 2017: Desserts are in the Ram
Nightline breakfast

Free breakfast for Nightline volunteers.

  • August 2017: Completed for this year, with the funding secured through an annual fund bid. Looking to secure this as permanent support for future years. Working on this with Shades, Guild President
  • August 2017: Meeting with Head of Campus Services and the University Registrar to secure permanent support.
Xmedia independence

Safeguard the independence and budget of Xmedia.

  • August 2017: Have requested the report of last year’s Xmedia Review
  • September 2017: I wrote a report from last year’s Xmedia review that has been sent to all heads of media and any committee member that has requested it
  • September 2017: Monthly Heads of Media meetings have been set up.
  • January 2018: Speaking about an Xmedia review in term two.
Society wellbeing

Introduce a wellbeing course for society committees with the Advice Unit and Wellbeing Centre, as well as regular ‘Meet & Greets’ with Staff, Sabbs and Soc Exec so you know where to go to get help.

  • August 2017: Wellbeing course scheduled for late term one and term two
  • August 2017: Big Society Hello will return – week one of term one (week beginning 25 Sept 2017)
  • September 2017: Big Society Hello was Thursday 28th, all presidents were invited with a +1 from there committee. Received a lot of feedback about Freshers’ and recommendations are being drawn up for next year.
  • January 2018: No Progress
Support small media

Promote and support smaller media societies such as The Undergraduate, Razz and PearShaped.

  • August 2017: Initiated discussions with smaller media societies to solicit feedback as to best support them this year and in the future.
  • September 2017: Encouraged to join the SPA (Student Publication Association) for more specialised support from industry professionals.
  • September 2017: Met committees during freshers’ week and sent out offers of help.
  • January 2018: Have liaised with small media groups about various issues throughout the term.
Interfaith prayer space

Create an interfaith prayer space on campus for our faith societies.

  • August 2017: No progress, will be working with Kat, VP Welfare & Diversity
  • January 2018: No progress
Review Guild grant funding

Re-evaluate Guild grant funding to include repeat events and to help out new societies more

  • August 2017: On the agenda for the first Societies Executive meeting of term one. Date and location to be announced.
  • January 2018: Staff objective.
What do the Sabbs do?

Improve communication and give insight into what the Sabbs actually do on a day-to-day basis.

  • August 2017: Liaising with the Students’ Guild Marketing and Communications team on a cohesive strategy providing insight into #SabbLife
  • January 2018: No progress

Look into the continuation of ExeFest, the campus music festival.

  • August 2017: ExeFest will return. Becca will be on the working group to ensure that the festival will be a success with student involvement.
  • January 2018: attempting another event such as ExeFest would be diverting this money away from vital core services. Following a series of discussions relating to affordability, the Students’ Guild has made the decision not to hold an event of the scale of last year’s Exefest – our campus music festival, this summer. Care was taken to consider the benefit of the event for the student experience versus the £15,000 financial loss that the event encountered. On balance, the Guild believed that diverting this money away from vital core services to fund a loss-making event was not in the best interests of its student members.  Instead, effort is going into a Summer, post-exam party, held in the Ram.
Improve Refreshers

Improve Refreshers and work with local clubs and companies for special deals.

  • August 2017: No progress, scheduled to look at this after Freshers’ Week
International Careers Fair

An international careers fair, not just study abroad and TEFL, but also overseas opportunities.

  • August 2017: Meeting with the University’s Head of Employability on 17 Aug 2017
  • September 2017: See above points about SEAS
  • January 2018: Cannot happen this year due to planning time, but have made it a priority for the university's employability team.
Online A&V and Music budgets

The A&V and Music budget to be put online to increase transparency and make scrutiny easier.

  • August 2017: No progress
  • September 2017: Confirmed plan with Student Opportunities Manager and Director of Membership Engagement
  • September 2017: Waiting on free time from staff post-freshers week to finish look and feel and deploy
Online Volunteering Log

Increase recognition by creating an online volunteering log to reward you for the hours you put into society work and a bigger and better Societies’ Ball, with society awards.

  • August 2017: Discussions on volunteering log beginning on 21 Aug 2017, and a staff lead as been designated
  • September 2017: Waiting for Student Opportunities Manager to finish the A&V business plan to decide on a project timeline for developing this
Create a Guild crowdfunding page

Create a Guild crowdfunding page. With no external cut taken and by reaching out to alumni, it provides a new and easier way for society fundraising.

  • August 2017: Meeting with the University Crowdfunding Team on the 22 Aug 2017
  • September 2017: Added a Student’s Guild / Society tag to projects on the university crowdfunder.
  • September 2017: Bringing an Alumni development plan to GMC to decide on a staff support and lead for this Creating a Guild Newsletter to go out termly to alum with the comms dept.
Collaborative interfaith events

Encourage more collaborative events such as an interfaith sports competition.

  • August 2017: No progress

  • September 2017: Leading feedback from Welcome Team
  • September 2017: Relationship forged with the Exeter Northcott Theatre and looking for more support for theatre and arts based societies
  • Feburary 2018: In October Laundry se4rvices will be changed to pay by card/app.


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VP Activities Role Description


  • The Vice President Activities represents students in matters relating to active citizenship and involvement within the Guild’s volunteering, activities and representation structures.
  • They are also responsible for employability and liaison with the University careers service.




Lead on Democracy and Student Activities

Lead, promote, and champion successful Student Activities at Exeter: be they the student medias, volunteering, societies, or student groups. Uphold student democracy assisting and ensuring that students engage with, make change, and lead their Students' Guild.

  • Promotes and champions involvement in, and the success of, student Societies, the student Media, RAG, and Exeter Student Volunteers;
  • Takes a Sabbatical lead on elections and the democratic structures of the Guild;
  • Champions wider involvement in the Guild representative structures;
  • Leads on the employability agenda within the Guild; ensuring student views are heard by Employability & Graduate Development;
  • Direct Sabbatical Officer support for DVP Games and Campaigns;
  • Direct Sabbatical Officer support for DVP Societies.


Oversee Guild governance, finance and strategy

Trustee Board are responsible for the management and administration of the Guild and (subject to the Students’ Guild Memorandum & Articles and Bylaws) may exercise all the powers of the Guild as outlined in the Memorandum & Articles.

  • Ensure that the Guild complies with its governing documents, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations,
  • Ensure that the Guild pursues its charitable objects as defined in the Memorandum & Articles,
  • Ensure the Guild uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects: the charity must not spend money on activities which are not included in its own objects, no matter how worthwhile or charitable those activities are,
  • Actively contribute to the board of trustees' role in giving firm strategic direction to the Guild, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets,
  • Safeguard the good name and values of the Guild,
  • Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the Guild,
  • Ensure the financial stability of the Guild,
  • Protect and manage the property of the charity and to ensure the proper investment of the charity's funds,
  • Appoint the chief executive and monitor their performance.




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University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 7217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ