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If you have experienced any type of microaggression, abuse, assault, bullying, or harm whilst at Exeter, we'd like to hear from you. Reports are completely anonymous and are used in the following ways:

  • As evidence that when marginalised students say something is happening we can support them by corroborating what has been reported.
  • To inform campaigns run by Liberation Council.
  • To show the University that incidents are occurring, how regular they are, and on what basis they occur.
  • Lets the Guild, and Liberation Council, highlight and follow up current issues around harm, abuse, and microaggressions present in the student body.
No report will be released in full, but we may from time to time update Current Issues to include the number and type of reports we have received.

If we receive reports of crime, we will anonymously pass these on through report it. Other Agencies may need to be informed, and the Guild has legal obligations to uphold. If you prefer not to risk a loss of anonymity; use Report It directly and not this tool.

We respect the privacy of all students reporting incidents using this page. At no point will we release information about those who have accessed the system, and any incident reports will be anonymised when received to remove all personally identifying language, style and remarks. This is intended to be a protective reporting environment and no violations of the Safe Space code will be allowed.

This tool is for reporting instances of microaggressions and harm. If you wish to discuss any incidents further, the Students' Guild Advice Unit provides free, independent and confidential advice.

Reporting Information Directory is maintained by Change & Represent on behalf of Liberation Council.


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