How to Vote

How to vote on Student Ideas

How to vote on Student Ideas

All proposals which are accepted will be open until the closing date; with students able to comment on them before those proposals are turned into Student Ideas for voting.

There are three types of vote:

  • A referendum-style yes/no vote where you just state agreement or disagreement (this is the default),
    • The options to choose from will be Yes (thumbs up) and No (thumbs down)
    • To abstain, don't vote
  • An opinion poll; where you rate whether you agree or disagree with the proposal,
    • The options to choose from will be Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree and Strongly Agree
    • These votes need separate web pages prepared; and take longer to arrange.
  • A preferendum-style where several proposals might be merged into a single Idea where students will vote for the position that most closely matches their own (used for contentious or complex issues where a simple yes/no doesn't convey the nuance.)
    • There will be between 4 and 5 differently worded statements to choose from; which help convey the nuance of a vote on several proposals.
    • These votes need separate web pages prepared; and take longer to arrange.
    • Democracy & Governance Council is able to conjoin similar Ideas when ratification takes place if there are several ideas which would have the same pathway to carry out.

Which type of vote is used will be at Guild discretion; with the VP Activities, and DVP Democracy & Governance able to give feedback in advance of the vote going live where they have particularly strong reasons why a vote should be held in a particular way.

When Student Ideas is not open, all students can still get involved in change by speaking directly to:

The views and opinions expressed in the proposals and comments in Student Ideas are those of individual student members of the Guild, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by the Students’ Guild.

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